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WCW vs. The World

Alternate Uniform:

 To select your  character's  alternate  uniform, highlight the desired
 character and press Start. 

Hidden Characters:

 To access the  hidden  characters, beat the game in  League  Challenge
 Mode with  every  league.  When  you've  finished, go to the character
 select screen and scroll to the bottom. 

Play as Tiger Mask and The Giant:

 To play as both of these characters, you must beat  every  league with
 the same guy as a  junior  heavyweight  and heavyweight. Once you beat
 all six of the  leagues, a  Super  Jr./Heavyweight  Division  shows up
 under the  last  given  league.  Beat these and you have the  Original
 Tiger  Mask and The Giant.  Tiger  Mask will be in the top left corner
 and The Giant in the top right corner. 

Signature Moves:

 Charge your spirit meter up.  While it's blinking, hold Circle to grab
 your opponent.  Keep holding it down until your  character  raises his
 arms into the air, then release to perform a signature move. 

 Tip: This is a lot easier if you beat up on your opponent first to get
 him stunned.

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