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Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal

Level select:
Press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Left + Circle + Select at the 
new game Stamper menu 

Cheat Code entry screen:
Press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Left + Circle + Triangle + 
Square and press X at the options Stamper menu. 

Cheat codes:
Enter these at the cheat codes screen. 

TANKODOOM - Invulnerability 
FEATHER - Low gravity 
WEAKROBOT - Megashoot 
TINYTINY - Little Tiny 
FMVAAA - View Dead River Canyon Intro FMV 
FMVBBB - View Mortar-Villa Airfield Intro FMV 
FMVEEE - View Desert Robo-Train Intro FMV 
FMVGGG - View The Nanometal Mountain Intro FMV 
FMVIII - View Atmospheric Reduction Center Intro FMV 
FMVJJJ - View Magneto Synchrotron Transporter Intro FMV 
FMVMMM - View Mount Mutank Intro FMV 
FMVNNN - View The Rail Gun Launcher Intro FMV 
FMVPPP - View The Maze Intro FMV 
FMVSSS - View AndNow FMV 
FMVTTT - View Appaloosa Interactive FMV 
FMVUUU - View Game Over FMV 
FMVVVV - View Ending FMV 
FMVWWW - View Tiny Tank Music Video FMV 

Cowboy Hat:
When you kill Big Bart in the first level his hat will be laying 
there waiting to be put on. If you get killed you will lose the 

Easter Eggs:
If you listen to the first six "intro" sounds in the sound test, 
listen for a few seconds after the instructions and normal 
reports. You will hear Tiny give you random useless facts ("Poison 
Arrow frogs are the world's most poisonous animals"), a "special 
voice mail from a very special little girl," and a hilarious 
recording of the game testers singing Tiny's "Tiny Boy" ending 
theme song. 

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