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Tekken 2

Play as the Sub-Bosses: To play as any of the character's alter
egos, finish the game with any character. To make things easier,
set the game to "Easy," the timer to the lowest match time, and
set the fights to one round. Be sure and save the hidden characters
to the memory card.

Super Deformer Characters: To play the game with super deformed
fighters, do the hidden fighters trick as outlined above. Then,
Whenever you select a fighter for a one- or two-player game, hold
Select when picking your fighter. You fight as a larger version
of your normal self. If the winner of two rounds continues to hold
Select for the next match, his wighter will be even bigger.

Punch-Out Mode: First, you must have access to all the bosses and
hidden fighters with the memory card. Then, at the Character Select
screen, press and hold L1 and L2. Select your fighter. When the
match starts, your view will change to first-person and you will
fight as a wireframe of your character.

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