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Test Drive: Off Road

Bonus Cars:

 To use these vehicles, enter  the  code  below  as  your  name.  If it
 worked, the announcer will say the name of the car. 

Code:            Vehicle:

 Beefy      -->   Monster Truck
 Fifty      -->   Hot Rod
 Sprinter   -->   4X4 Buggy
 Lowrider   -->   Stock Car

Bonus Tracks:

To race on these trakcs, enter one of the codes below as your name. 

Code:            Track:

 FRIENDLY   -->   Dirt Dash
 SANDDUNE   -->   Pharaoh's Curse
 CRAZY      -->   Sand Trap
 ELITE      -->   Under Construction
 SNOWMAN    -->   Snowball Express
 ALLTRACK   -->   Pipeline Way

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