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Syphon Filter

All weapons and unlimited ammunition:
Pause game play, highlight the "Weapons" option, then hold
Right + L2 + R2 + Circle + Square + X. Note: Only the weapons
normally available during the current level will become selectable. 

Level select:
Pause game play, highlight the "Select mission" option, then hold
Left + R1 + L1 + Select + Square + X. 

Silenced 9mm power-up:
Pause game play, highlight the "Silenced 9mm" selection under the
"Weapons" option, then press Left + L1 + R2 + Select + Square + X.
Gabe will say "Understood" to confirm correct code entry. 

Expert mode:
Highlight the "New Game" option on the title screen, then hold
Left + L1 + R2 + Select + Square + Circle + X. The phrase
"Damn it" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Weaker opponents:
Pause game play, highlight the "Map" option, then press Right
+ L2 + R1 + X. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. 

View FMV sequences:
Locate the area in level 1 where your character jumps through a
window to get to the elevator. Go straight and jump over the boxes.
There are pictures on the wall that resemble doors. Approach the
middle pciture where the Flak Jacket is located. Then, game play
and enable the "Weaker opponents" code. The game will resume in a
movie theatre. Walk into the entrances to the theatre (the
curtains) to watch the FMV sequences. Press X to advance to the
next FMV sequence or press Start to exit.

Grenade launcher in level 1:
Go out the window in the bar into the back alley. Look up and to
see two fire escapes. Climb onto the dumpster and get onto the
fire escape opposite the bar first, then jump up to the pipes
and go hand over hand to the other fire escape. Be careful,
because two terrorists will run out to shoot half way across the
pipe. After taking care of them, drop down onto the fire escape
and open the box for the grenade launcher. This makes the grenade
thrower in the subway section much easier to handle.

Getting through the subway:
Go to the opposite end of the subway after it explodes. Use the
flashlight on the left of the tracks to find the C-4. Get the C-4,
then go to the right hand side. Look up to see the upper level.
Press Triangle to climb onto the red crate. Press Triangle to keep
climbing up through the debris until the top is reached. This is
the only way to exit the lower level. 

Museum gates:
Find the card keys to get through the gates in the museum. Check
all the guards and people that are killed; they usually carry
card keys. For the gate in the Rocket Room, shoot the control
panel on the third level that keeps sparking while your character
is standing on the elevator to reach to that level. The man with
the card key is up there.

Room 1-3:
To open room 1-3, you first have to open the door of the room to
the left of the elevator by switching the switch to the right of
the elevator. That room contains a computer. Approach the computer
and press Triangle. The door to room 1-3 should begin to open. You
must kill three terrorists before entering room 1-3. Each has a
flak jacket and will throw grenades. Turn right to hide behind
the boxes immediately upon entering the room. The terrorists cannot
shoot or use grenades because of the boxes. Be careful, as there is
an open space between the boxes. Use that space to throw a single
gas grenade at the terrorists. Used correctly, the single grenade
should kill all three of the terrorists. Wait for the gas to clear,
then explore the room. Search the spaces that resemble lockers, and
do not forget the flak jackets. 

Survive burning:
Quickly press Start, then press Start again after catching on fire.
You will be hurt, but still alive. 

X-ray vision:
The virus scanner may be used to look through the walls to find enemies.

CBDC agents turn bad:
When playing the first stage of Syphon Filter, wait for a CBDC agent
to be killed. Once the CBDC agent is dead, approach the corpse and
shoot it in the head a few times. All the CBDC agents will turn
against you. Note: You can not kill the CBDC agents without destroying
the mission.

Glitch: Dead Lian Xing still speaks:
In level 10, Base Tower, you hear Lian Xing being taken away by
Rhoemer over Gabe's earpiece. Then, when you defeat the helicopter
that Rhoemer sends, a FMV sequence will show Gabe jumping off the
tower and will reveal that Lian Xing has been killed. Once level 11,
Base Escape, starts, shoot the very first fuel tank that appears.
Lian Xing will say ''Gabe, check your fire! If that fuel tank goes
the whole place will go up." 

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