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Hidden Codes and Passwords.

During gameplay, enter the following button presses:

Invincibility: Press and hold Select, then press [Square], [Square],
               [Circle], [Circle], [Square], [Square], [Triangle]
Full weapons power-up: Press and hold Select, then press Left,
                       [Square], Right, [Circle], Up, [Triangle]


Enter the following at the password screen:

Level 2/Uraniumania:[X] [X] [X] [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [Triangle]

Level 3/Repsychler:[Square] [Circle] [Square] [Square] [Triangle] [Circle] [Triangle] [Triangle]

Level 4/Endless Bummer:[Square] [Circle] [Square] [X] [Triangle] [Triangle] [Square] [X]

Level 5/Viva Los Vagrantes:[Circle] [Triangle] [X] [Triangle] [X] [Square] [Square] [Triangle]

Hidden Movie:[Square] [Square] [X] [Square] [Square] [Triangle] [Circle] [Square]

Art Level:[Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Triangle] [X] [X] [Triangle] [Circle]

Credits:[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Square], [Circle] [X] [X] [Triangle]

Game Over/Win:[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Triangle] [X] [X] [Triangle] [Circle]

Game Over/Lose:[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Circle]

Quit:[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Triangle] [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]

"Uraniumania" movie:[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Triangle] [Triangle] [Triangle] [Square] [Triangle]

Repsychler Movie:[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [X] [Triangle] [X] [Square]

"Endless Bummer" movie:[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Square] [Square] [Triangle] [Triangle] [X]

Viva Los Vagrantes movie:[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [X] [X] [X] [Square] [Square]

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