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Spyro the Dragon

Cheat Death:

This trick works for any world and in any level except the home levels. If
you fall off a cliff, ledge, etc., You can just hit pause and exit the
level. This way you end up at the portal to that particular level in the
home level, and have saved your life. 

Crash Bandicoot: Warped Demo:

We've heard rumors of a playable Crash Bandicoot: Warped demo making its
way into Sony's latest platformer, Spyro the Dragon, for some time now �
now we know it's for real. Better yet, we're going to tell you how to find

In order to get your advance look at Crash's latest outing, simply pop the
Spyro disc into your PlayStation, boot it up, and when you see the screen
that says "Press Start," press the L1 and Triangle buttons simultaneously.

Double Supercharge at Wizards Peak:

To get a Double Supercharge at Wizards Peak line Spyro up with the
Supercharge arrows pointing down the first hill. Charge down the hill and
Spyros feet will turn yellow. Then while Super Charging, take a right and
go down the next hill with arrows. Spyros feet will turn orange-red. This
lets you get to some hard to reach places on this level. 

Flying Gates:

To find the gates to the flying levels on each world, follow these

Artisans: In the Artisan world jump on all 5 stones on the waterfall near
the begining of the area. It will then reveal "Sunny Flight".

Peace Keepers: use the cannon near the "Dr. Shemp" level and blast the
target on the big rock. This cannon will also get you the unbreakable box.

Magic Crafters: the gate is next to a dragon in the area you can get to
in the cave near the supercharge spot.

Beast Makers: jump in the tree stump near the area with the warthogs and
the big building holding treasure. There is a dragon next to the stump.

Dream Weavers: go to the center of the world and blast the two guards
guarding the stairway you couldnt get past before. kill the guards and
go up the stairs and jump across a series of jumps, leading to the gate.  

Hidden Jewels in Beast Makers: Tree Tops:

For a hard to reach set of jewels, a dragon and a thief with a 25 jewel
follow the green thief of the dragon eggs through the window, bearing
off to your left at the begginning of the stage.  He will lead you all
the way there through a series of super charges.

For the other jewels, instead of going through the window go right and
jump off the platform down to the red thief waiting for a good chase.

Follow this thief through another series of super charges. You need all
the gems in every stage to get into Nasty's treasure vault. 

Run Faster:

To run faster, hold the RUN and JUMP buttons simultaneously. 

Secret in Dream Weavers: Haunted Towers:

To get to the other jewels located in a secret part of the castle super
charge down the only super charge ramp in the level and keep super
charging through the last door to your right when you enter the room with
many doors and when you get through that door, super charge to the left.

When you are charging you will go off to the left to the entrance of the
castle. Go up the first ramp you entered. Super charge jump off the ramp
to the secret entrance. You must be super charging throughout this whole

After a while you will come to a staircase full of armoured ghosts so be
quick to fry the wizard at the top of the stairs. Get a kiss from the
fairy (this fairy kiss lasts forever) and kill all the ghosts. Now burn
open the locked treasure trunk for a surprise. 

Secret level in Gnasty's World:

To get this level, you must successfully beat the game with 100% at the
end. Then, go to Gnasty's World and walk up to the green dragon head.
This head will open and reveal a secret level called Gnasty's loot. 

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