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Spot Goes to Hollywood

Level select: At the title screen, with "Start" and "Options,"
press [Triangle], Up, Right, Down, Left, [Triangle], Left, Down,
Right, Up, [Triangle]. A new option, "Cool" will appear. Highlight
this new option, and press [X]. This takes you to a screen with the
words "Open Levels." Press [X] and the words change to "All Levels
Open." Exit that screen and start the game. At the screen where it
asks for a New Game or Continue, select Continue, and accept the
password at the following screen. Then, at the "Swashbuckling Spot"
Pirate level screen, there should be an arrow to the right. Press
Right, and you can cycle through all the levels in the game.

Fifty Lives: After activating the level select, pause the game.
While the game is paused, press and hold [Square] and unpause the
game. Spot now has 50 lives.

Watch All Cinemas: After activating the level select, at the
"Swashbuckling Spot" Pirate level screen, press and hold [Square],
and press Start. Now you can watch all the cinemas in the game.

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