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Spider: The Video Game

Level Passwords.

Enter the following passwords at the Load Game Control Center screen.

Lab Floor: 1FMLC939GPR8F3BF7KT1
Lab Top: 86MLC939GPR8F3VFQ5S4
70s Room: FW1MC939GPR8F3BF7KT1

Boxes: FW1MC939GPR8F336DTTS3
Conveyors: BSRMC939GPR8F3VTKKT1
Machine Room: WDRQC939GPR8F3LM8S95
Tubes: 8WV5L939GPR8F36DTTS3
Mechanical Arm Boss: 8WV5L939GPR8F3G1QJB4

Down The Street: 9WV5L939GPR8F3LRT6S4
Side Of Building: 6SXXS939GPR8F3LRT6S4
Park: W9PNT839GPR8F3B9LVS3
Under The Street: N7KB3Y19GPR8F3V95HR5
Along The Street: N7KB3Y19GPR8F3GGK4T3

Display Cases: P7KB3Y19GPR8F3BPFGC3
Volcano: G7KB3Y11GPR8F3BPFGC3
Dinosaur Bones: H7KB3Y1QFPR8F3QXSDS4
Model City: J7KB3Y1GWPR8F31766D1
Temple: K7KB3Y1B15S8F3QXSDS4
Museum Boss: K7KB3Y1B15S8F3BTQBB4

The Wells: V7KB3Y1B15S8F3QS7QC1
Along The Sewer: W7KB3Y1VBVP8F3LC1M95
Food Cartons: X7KB3Y1VLN7BF31CH1C3
Up The Well: Y7KB3Y1VV16QF3QS7QC1
Ryan's World: Q7KB3Y1LDRTQD3VKCDT1

Evil Lab
Circuit Boards: Q7KB3Y1LDRTQD3LCQSR3
Lab Top: R7KB3Y118H56T1WTY4R4
Hard Drives: S7KB3Y118H56T1TCQSR3
Brian's Folly: T7KB3Y118H56T1FNY4R4
On the Ceiling: T7KB3Y118H56T1TC4LD1
Kip's Bonus: 68KB3Y118H56T151P6C4
Brain Boss: 68KB3Y118H56T1TMVM35

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