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Resident Evil 2

Alternate Costumes:

 To get the special costumes you must do the following.

 Start a new game on normal  difficulty.  Don't pick up anything.  When
 you get to the gate  that  leads  to the  police  station  go down the
 stairs.  Down there will be Brad Vickers, the pilot from Resident Evil
 (he's a ZOMBIE!) Head past him and go up the stairs. Get the herb from
 the bushes closest to the stairs. Go in the R.P.D. and get the bullets
 at the desk in the back of the room.  Go back to  Brad  and fill  that
 damn zombie full of bullets. Inspect him and take the special key.

 When you get to the dark  room there are some  lockers, use the key to
 unlock one and get the costumes.  With  Claire  you get a  cool  denim
 jaket and the  Colt  S.A.A. gun.  With  Leon  you  either can choose a
 leather jacket with a  skull  on the back or a tank top and a baseball

 Note: The  quickest  way  to  kill  Brad  is to get  close  then  walk
 backwards. Let him lunge at your feet then stomp him in the head. This
 saves a lot of bullets and only takes away 1/8th of you health. 

Bonus Weapons:

 To get the Gatling Gun and the  Submachine  Gun, finish any B scenario
 with a ranking of B or higher.

 To get a Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammo, finish either A scenario
 with a ranking of B or higher.

 Note: Your bonus weapons will be found in the first chest you open. 

One-Hit Gator Kill:

 When you fight the  gator  boss, he starts coming  towards you and you
 see a #DCDC00 light on the left wall.  If you  inspect  the light, then
 a cylinder will fall and the gator will eat it.  While the cylinder is
 in its mouth, shoot it and the gator will explode! 

Play as Hunk:

 To play as Hunk, beat the A and B games of  either  character (Leon or
 Claire) with an A rating on both. Hunk is one of the SWAT members from
 Umbrella who's mission is to get to the roof-top from the sewers. 

Play as Tofu:

 To play as Tofu (very strange), you beat 6 scenarios with an A ranking.
 Tofu's  mission is the same as Hunk's -- get to the  rooftop  from the
 sewers. However, it's much harder this time as Tofu is only armed with
 a knife and cannot use guns! 

Ranking System:

 To get an A ranking, beat the game in under three  hours and don't use
 any First Aid sprays. (You can use herbs, though.)

 To get a B ranking, just beat the game in under three hours.

 To get a C ranking, finish the game in five to seven hours.

 For a D rating, finish the game in seven hours or more. Note that your
 rank will be lowered by one grade if you use any special weapons or if
 you saved more than 12 times. 

Reserve Power Control:

 To activate reserve power, enter the sequence: Up, Down, Up, Up, Down. 

Safe Combination:

 The combination for the safe is 2236.
Auto Focus:

 For easier aiming, go to the OPTIONS  screen, hold R1 and press SQUARE
 three times. 
Film "D":

 To get film "D", go to the  STARS  room, second  floor  of the  Police
 building, and check the desk on the left 50 times.  It is a picture of

Cheats provided by: Chris Mauldin

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