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Resident Evil

Get the Rocket Launcher:

 To get the  rocket  launcher, finish the game as  Jill  in under three
 hours. After the credits roll, a rocket will launch into the air. Save
 the game to the memory card. Then start a new game using that data off
 the  memory  card.  When you  check  Jill's  inventory, there is a new
 weapon, the all-powerful rocket  launcher.  This will destroy zombies,
 Hunters, and other assorted monsters with one shot!

Change Characters' Clothes:

 First, you must finish the game and rescue your buddies in the process
 (Jill saves Chris and Barry; Chris saves Jill and Rebecca).  After the
 credit sequence, a screen appears that says "You've Got the Special
 Key." Then save the game.  Start the game you just saved, and when you
 go into the room with the giant  mirror (you  enter this room from the
 main hallway), you can unlock the door in the back. Now you can change
 your characters' clothes.

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