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Need for Speed II

Ford Indigo Track:

 Enter the password LILZIP to get the hidden Ford Indigo car.

Monolithic Studios Track:

 Enter the password SHOTME to get the hidden Monolithic Studios track.

Pioneer Engines:

 Enter the password POWRUP to get Pioneer Class engines.

Level Passwords

At the password screen, enter the  following  passwords  to skip to the
level of your choice.
Level 01: NTR0 Level 02: 1STS Level 03: 2NDS Level 04: TRSH Level 05: SW1M Level 06: W0LF Level 07: T1M3 Level 08: K4RN Level 09: B0MB Level 10: WZRD Level 11: BLKS Level 12: TLPT Level 13: GYSR Level 14: B3SV Level 15: R3T0 Level 16: DRNK Level 17: Y0VR Level 18: 0VAL Level 19: T1N3 Level 20: D4RK Level 21: H4RD Level 22: HRDR Level 23: LOST Level 24: 0B0Y Level 25: HOM3 Level 26: SHCK Level 27: TNNL Level 28: H3LL Level 29: 4RH Level 30: B4DDR Level 31: D4DY

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