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NFL Gameday '99

Easter Eggs:

Go to the Easter Egg menu and enter one of the following codes to
activate the corresponding feature: 

Code           Effect
Big Balls      Large football
Big Hits       Louder noises     
Blinders       No penalties      
Bunyon         Big players      
Coffee Break   Speed juiced
Con Man        CPU hides pass coverage
CPU Scores     CPU players are faster   
CPU Stuffs     CPU offensive line has
               super strength and speed
Credits        View credits
Davis          Running back is juiced
Euro League    All players have European
               last names
Even Teams     All players are equal
Flea Circus    Tiny players
GD Challenge   Bonus difficulty level
Grudge Match   Red redzones, checkered
               touchdown area, invisible
               field goals   
Hangtime       Punts hang in the air longer
Bobo           All players named "Bobo"
Hot Shot       CPU player celebrates in
               the field
Invisible      Invisible players
Mind Reader    CPU knows your play
Playing Cards  Flat players
Pole axe       Forearm is juiced 
Pop Warner     Small, fast players
Presidents     Players named after Presidents
Prime Time     CPU makes big plays
Puppets        Players have red string
               attached to head
Rocket Man     Ball carrier has speed bursts
Slideshow      See cheerleaders after a game
Sports         All players have last name
               from credits
Stamina        Juiced endurance
Steel Leg      Longer field goals
Stickem        Great hands for receivers
Swimmers       Swim move juiced
Tele Tummy     Televisions in player's
Weak           Quick fatigue

Lightning Hit:

When on DEFENSE wait until your oppenent trys a passing play then
switch to the closest defender to whom he is passing the ball to.
Wait till he barely gets the ball then tackle him as he is catching the
ball.  This should make a flash of lightning appear on the screen along
with thunder. 

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