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NFL Gameday '98

Easter Egg Cheats

Enter the following passwords at the Easter Eggs menu for these cheats:

CPU Cheats
Results:                               Actions:
 CPU Remembers 30 Plays           -->   deep gray
 CPU Offense Gets a Speed Juice   -->   cpu offense
 CPU Does Only High Steps         -->   show off
 CPU Defense Gets a Speed Burst   -->   cpu defense
 CPU Cheats on Every Play Call    -->   psychic
 CPU Runs Fake Field Goals        -->   tricky cpu
 CPU Calls Only Running Plays     -->   cloud of dust
 CPU Calls Only Passing Plays     -->   air attack

Player Cheats
Results:                                     Actions:
 Referee Doesn't Call Personal
 Injuries or Personal Fouls             -->   blind ref
 All Players Are Approximately Equal    -->   equal teams
 Bad Pass Coverage:                     -->   toast
 Defensive Jump Is Higher:              -->   rejection
 Forearm Shiver Is Juiced:              -->   hatchet
 Great Pass Coverage:                   -->   leech
 Hyper Speed Burst:                     -->   juice
 Jumbo-Sized Players:                   -->   humongous
 Long Field Goals:                      -->   big foot
 Only Shadows:                          -->   invisible
 Player and Ball Speeds Are Very High   -->   fire drill
 Players Are 2D                         -->   cookie cutter
 Players Are Flat                       -->   flat land
 Players Are Missing Lower Legs         -->   ahab
 Players Are Tiny and Quick             -->   flea circus
 Players Have No Forearms               -->   look ma
 Players Have No Heads                  -->   horsemen
 Player's Last Name Is McMahon          -->   mcmahon
 Receivers Have Great Hands             -->   gloves
 Referee Calls Unfair Penalties         -->   busy ref
 Shoulder Charge Is Juiced              -->   bettis
 Super Stiff Arm                        -->   jack hammer
 Swim Moves Are Juiced                  -->   nyse 


Results:                               Actions:
 Catch-Up Speed Is High and
 Pursuit Angles Are Wrong         -->   watery ai 
 The Crowd Is Quiet               -->   quiet crowd
 Hidden Difficulty Level          -->   gd challenge
 Loud Announcer                   -->   loud mouth
 Louder Hit and Blocking Noises   -->   crunch time
 Show Credits                     -->   credits
 Special Stadium and Teams        -->   thin air

Cheats provided by: Travis Harris

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