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NFL Gameday '97

Easter Eggs:

 At the Options menu,  press L1,  R1,  L2,  R2 to access the Easter Egg

Enter any of the following passwords for these special abilities:

 Receivers have no hands on blast hits, injuries up: ASSASIN
 Explosion on severe hits: ATOMIC BOMB
 Strong passing arm: BAZOOKA
 Huge cheerleaders: BIG GIRLS
 Superstars are extra large: BIG STARS
 More time to pop a receiver and get the ball out: BLASTERS
 Ref doesn't call pass interference or personal fouls: BLIND REF
 Strong winds in the snow: BLIZZARD
 Shoulder charge is juiced: BO KNOWS
 Frequent injuries: BRITTLE
 Increased quarterback accuracy, but slower foot speed: BROADWAY JOE
 More penalties called: BUSY REF
 Defensive charge and hits are high: BUTKAS
 Show credits: CREDITS
 Louder football noises: CRUNCHY
 Lights out during night game: DARK NIGHT
 Better defense: DEFENSE
 Field-goal range increases: DEMPSEY
 Spins are more effective: DERVISH
 Reduces injuries: DOC
 Players twitch: ELECTRIC FB
 All players are almost equal: EQUALIZER
 Tiny players and squeaky sound effects: FLEA CIRCUS
 Jumbo-sized players: FRIDGE
 Jump high: FROG
 Players move faster: GB SPEED
 Hidden difficulty level: GD CHALLENGE
 CPU remembers 30 plays: GENIUS
 Receivers have great hands: GLOVES
 Huge players and weird sound effects: GOLIATH
 Punts are slower: HANG TIME
 Forearm shiver is juiced: HATCHET
 Offensive line blocks better: HOGS
 No pass interf. or personal fouls called on home team: HOME COOKING
 Players slide along field: ICE SKATES
 CPU makes bad decisions: IDIOT
 Ball pops out of receivers´┐Ż hands like orig. GameDay: INFAMOUS POP UPS
 One-handed catches tip off a lot: JUGGLER
 Hyper-speed bursts: JUICE
 Stiff arm, forearm, and swim juiced with no recharge: KARATE
 Fumbles are more frequent: KRAIG
 Dives are farther: LONG JUMP
 Loud PA announcer: LOUD MOUTH
 Offensive line at disadvantage: MANDARICH
 Game clock doesn't run: NO TIME
 Swim moves juiced: NYSE
 Defenders dive from far away: OFFENSE
 Big hits, high flip hits: OUCH
 Blocks resolve quickly: PANCAKE
 Jostling increased: PINBALL
 Jackhammer of a stiff arm: PISTON
 Defensive jump is higher: REJECTION
 Defenders dive from very far away: SAYERS
 QBs get speed boost: SCRAMBLER
 Loud crowd buzz: SHOUT
 Game speed is slower: SLO MO
 Strong winds in the rain: SQUALL
 Special moves recover faster: STEROIDS
 High one-handed catches: STRETCH
 Darkness during rain setting: TEMPEST
 Receivers are tightly covered: TIGHT COVER
 Bad pass coverage: TOAST
 Quarterback lobs passes: TORRETA
 Strong winds during windy conditions: TWISTER

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