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NBA Live '98

The  Soul  of  Hoops  ships with a whole batch of funky codes. We�re not 
going to give you all of them just yet, but here are a couple to get you
started. Check back every week or so; we�ll be revealing more codes soon. 

To enable Easter Egg codes:

 1.Start a game and advance to the User Setup screen. 

 2.At the  User  Setup  screen, start a new user name and enter the name

 3.Confirm the name by pressing  START, and a new SECRETS option appears
 at the bottom of the screen. 

 EA TIP: All  codes  are  case-sensitive. Enter  them  exactly  as  they
 appear, or they won�t work. 

 4.Press Circle to activate the Secrets menu.  From here you can type in
 new codes and activate codes you�ve already entered. 

To activate a new code:

 1.From the Secrets  menu, highlight  �ENTER SECRET CODE:�  and press X. 
 2.Enter a new  code just as you would  enter  a user  name, then  press
 START. If you typed the code correctly, it becomes available. 

To change options for a code you�ve entered: 

- Highlight the code and D-Button left/right.  Most codes have more than
  setting, so cycle through the options  until you�ve seen them all.

- The settings that are active when you exit from the Secrets  menu will
  be used in the next game you play.  Code  settings  remain  in  effect 
  until you change them or turn off your PlayStation game console. 

  EA TIP:  Save your settings to a  memory  card  IMMEDIATELY  after you
  enter the code.  This way, you�ll  never  have  to  type  in the  code
  again.  Find all the codes and save them for a turbo-powered NBA  Live
  98 experience every time you play. 

Game Codes:

Result:                 Code:   

 Aqua court        -->   Seaweed
 Hallowe�en home   -->   Scary
 Hallowe�en home   -->   Freaky
 Home Invisible    -->   Cloak home
 Away Invisible    -->   Cloak away
 Chameleon Home    -->   Lizard
 Chameleon Away    -->   Reptile
 Player Eyepatch   -->   Eyepatch
 Player Monocle    -->   Monocle
 Prisoners         -->   Prisoners
 EA Toque          -->   Toque
 Teddy Bear        -->   Pin Rocks

Alley Oop:

 While playing, press L2 + X to pass.  One of your players should catch
 the ball and do a two-handed jam. 

Bonus Teams:

 At the Custom Team menu enter any the following names: 

 Ea Europals
 Hitmen Allsorts
 Hitmen Coders
 Hitmen Earplugs
 Hitmen Idlers
 Hitman Pixels
 Qa Campers
 Qa DBuggers
 Qa Testubes
 Tnt Blasters

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