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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

Secret Players and Cheats:

 Enter the following  initials  and  birthdates  to access these hidden
 players and cheats.  You must hold the top  L1  and  R1  buttons while
 entering the initials.

 Adrock  ADR April 6
 Alex Delucia  DEL October 19
 Andy Catling  CAT January 2
 Asif Chaudri  CHD May 5
 Barry Hutchinson BAR April 9
 Bill Clinton  BIL June 3
 Brett Gow  GOW July 17
 Carol Blazejowski BLZ January 14
 Charlotte Hornet  HOR June 12
 Chicago Bull  BEN September 20
 Chris Kirby  CHR December 18
 Darren Falcus  DAZ August 6
 Darren Hodgeson HOG December 31
 Darren Tunnicliff SAT May 7
 Elizabeth Burgess LIZ August 7
 Eric Kuby  KUB April 14
 Eric Samulski  AIR January 21
 Frank Thomas  FNK January 8
 Fresh Prince  FRS February 2
 Hillary Clinton  HIL November 6
 Heavy D  HEA January 9
 Jamie Rivett  REV July 6
 Jason Falcus  JAS November 16
 Jason Whitaker  JAX March 1
 Jay Moon  JAY August 24
 Jazzy Jeff  JAZ October 9
 John Carlton  CAL March 25 
 Kim Gordon  GOR July 3
 Larry Bird  LAR January 15
 Lee Renaldo  REN February 4
 Mark Thienvanich THI November 1
 Mark Turmell  TUR January 31
 MC Adam Yauch  MCA April 9
 Mike D  M_D July 1
 Mike Muskett  MUS December 24
 Minnesota Timberwolf WOL March 7
 Nat Gunter  GUN January 11
 Paul McHugh  BAA July 12
 Pete Wanat  WAN June 10
 Phoenix Gorilla  APE April 2
 Prince Charles  CHA May 4
 Rob Gray  ROB February 24
 Sal Divita  DIV July 3
 Seth W. Rosenfeld STH December 8
 Shawn Liptak  LIP January 14
 Shawn Rosen  SAW April 10
 Snake  SNK June 15
 Steve Shelley  SHY June 8
 Thurston Moore  MOE June 8
 Tom Higgins  TOM February 19
 Tony Goskie  GOS January 6
 Ziggy Hill  ZIG April 7
 To go to the last  END January 1
 game of a season
 To win the season FIN January 1

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