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Nanotek Warrior

Start a game, pause it, then enter any of the following button presses:

Stop ship:

 Press  [Triangle], Left,  [Triangle], Right,  Up,  [Triangle],  Start.
 Unpause the game and press and hold  [Triangle]  to stop the ship from

Full shield:

 Press Select, [Circle], Right, Up, Up, L1, L1, [X].

Warp speed:

 Press  [Circle], [Square], [Circle], [Square], [Triangle], [Triangle],
 [Triangle], [X].

Random curving:

 Press [Circle], Select, Left, [Square], [Square], Down, Up, [X].

Semi-cockpit view:

 Press [Triangle], [Circle], [Square], [Square], [Triangle], [Triangle],
 Select, Start.

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