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MechWarrior 2

These passwords are for the Trial of Refusal campaign as the Wolf ClanFlame Tounge: L#OOA
Blade Splint: O/OOA<++U=
Temper Edge: L/OOA Trial 1: OOOOA<<4YT
Sable Flame: LOOO/ Burning Chrome: OXOO/<+4TT
Scorching Sand: LXOO/ Trial 2: #YOO/<>UTL
Silver Staff: LYOO= Aquiline Fire: OAOO=<+UY>
Trial 3: LAOO= Cold Crescent: O Velvet Hammer: L Golden Spade: O>OO*<+=#O
Final Trial: L>OO*

Mech Warrior 2 GAMESHARK

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800d12de0064Infinite ammo
800d12680000Never overheat
PlayStation Password Cheats Enter these passwords for the following cheats: Always throttle: #AXO/A4YYA
Extra variants: T#XO/AX<<<
Extra heat sinks: #XXO/A4>Y+

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