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Madden '99

Bonus teams:

Enter one of the following entries at the code screen. 

Team                                    Code 

NFC Pro Bowl                            BESTNFC  
AFC Pro Bowl                            AFCBEST  
All-Madden                              BOOM 
All-Time Stat Leaders                   IMTHEMAN  
60s Greats                              PEACELOVE  
70s Greats                              BELLBOTTOMS  
80s Greats                              SPRBWLSHUFL  
90s Greats                              HEREANDNOW  
All-Time Greats                         TURKEYLEG  
75th Anniversary Team                   THROWBACK  
NFL Equipment Team                      GEARGUYS  
1999 Cleveland Browns                   WELCOMEBACK  
EA Sports                               INTHEGAME  
Tiburon                                 HAMMERHEAD  
Enable real names on classic teams*     MADDENNAMES  

* Although posted as a valid code on other web sites, it does not 
function in the retail version of the game. 

Bonus stadiums:

Enter one of the following entries at the code screen. 

Stadium             Code 

EA Sports           EA_STADIUM  
Tiburon             OURHOUSE 
Cleveland           DOGPOUND99  
RFK                 THEHOGS 
Original Miami      NOTAFISH  
Original Tampa      SOMBRERO  
Original Oakland    STICKEM  
Astrodome           FOR_RENT  

High stepping into the endzone:

Get within 10 yards of the endzone and press Up + L2 + Triangle + Right to 
high step if there is enough room between the player and any defenders.

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