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Madden 2000

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following at the code entry screen: 

Effect                  Code 

Increased injuries      PAINFUL  
Large vs. small team    MINIME  
Bonus stadiums          MULENIUM  
Dodge City stadium      WILDWEST  
EA Sports stadium       ITSINTHEGAME  
Marshalls fantasy team  COWBOYS  
All '60s team           MOJOBABY  
1972 Raiders team       GETMEADOCTOR  
1972 Steelers team      DONTGOFOR2  
1976 Patriots team      HACKCHEESE  
1976 Raiders team       GAMMALIGHT  
1981 Chargers team      BUILDMONKEYS  
1981 Dolphins team      15MOREMIN  
1985 Bears team         DOORKNOB  
1985 Dolphins team      CHICKIN  
1986 Broncos team       BLUESCREEN  
1986 Browns team        KAMEHAMEHA  
1988 49ers team         CALLMESALLY  
1988 Bengals team       PTMOMINFOGET  
1990 Bills team         SPOON  
1990 Giants team        PROFSMOOTH  
1995 Colts team         PREDATORS  
1995 Steelers team      STEAMPUNK  
1997 Broncos team       EARTHPEOPLE  
1997 Packers team       TUNDRA  
???                     QBINTHECLUB  

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