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Planet X Password:

 At the  title  screen,  go into the  "Password"  option  and enter the
 following  password:  RYYRYXKB. This takes you to the secret stages of
 Planet X.

Note: You must  hold R1  and bring down the item menu ( Press  Select ) 
while entering the following button presses for these two tricks:

Stage Select:

 Go to the Dome  Area, and press X, Square, X, Right, Up, Left, Circle,
 Circle, Down, Down.

Open All Levels:

 Go to  any  stage  and  press  Circle, Start, Right, Up, Square, Left,
 Left, Up, Start.

Immediate Powers:

 Pause the game and hold R1  while entering these codes to give you the
 following immediate abilities:

Super Jump:

 Press X, Circle, Up, Up, Down, Right, Right


 Press X, Square, Down, Down, Up, Down, Right

Electric Spit:

 Press Right, Left, Right, Circle, Triangle, Right, Circle, Down, Right

99 Lives:

 Press Up, Circle, Triangle, Down, Right, Square, Down
Flame Breath:

 Press X, Up, Right, Up, Right, Right

Cold Breath:

 Press Circle, Circle, Left, Down, Circle, Up, Right

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