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Final Fantasy VII

10 Phoenix Downs and a Secret Cave:

 On the way to Coral, go to the switch  that you push to let the others
 go through.  If you  explore  around  that area, you should hear birds
 chirping. Go up the hill where you  hear  it (you might have to search
 to find the right spot) and pick the first choice you are given.

 After  collecting  the 10  Phoenix  Downs, go  back  down to the lower
 tracks and follow your partners. As  they  turn to the right, you need
 to take the left split because buried in the hill  under the tracks is
 a cave with  an  out-of-work  miner.  A Power Source, Mind Source, and
 Tent may be acquired within this hidden area.

 Note: Your score  will  be  lowered  if  you do this. It's not nice to
 disturb baby birds.

Alternate Save Pictures 

 The saved-game  picture  changes  depending  on what slot your game is
 saved in. Here's the complete list: 

 FILE 6  : CID

Ancient Forest:

 To get to the  Ancient  Forest  before disc 3, simply ride up the hill
 with a black, gold or green chocobo.

 Beat the Cosmo  Canyon  Boss When you get to the Boss inside the caves
 at Cosmo Canyon to beat him all you do is use a Phoenix Down on him to
 kill him instantly. Sometimes that misses so you might want to use
 other healing items like X-Potion, High Potion or Potion.
Beat the Emerald Weapon:

 If your having difficulty beating Emerald Weapon and you can't get the
 Knights of the Round consider using this method.First equip three
 gravity materia, one to each character, second if possible equip a
 mime materia to each character.

 Next to one character, equip both the W-Magic materia and quadra magic
 materia joined to the characters gravity materia.  Join an all materia
 to the other characters materia. Okay. Now when you go into battle all
 you do  is  use  any  level  of  demi  on the  Emerald  weapon  and it
 automatically does 9999 HP of damage to with every  hit but at the end
 his HP will lower  and a  couple  of hits with a  moderately  powerful
 summon spell and he's done for. Voila!

Beat the Ruby Weapon:

 For this you will need  Nights  Of The  Round  with at least 3 levels.
 Phoenix summon with at least 3 levels.  Shield with at least 2 levels.
 Final Attack with any level.  About 3  mastered  HP and MP pluses (you
 might need more). 3 Enemy Skills  with  White  Wind  learned (to learn
 White Wind, go to the grassy  area of  Junon  until  you  fight  a big
 green creature with wings. Manipulate it and have it use White Wind on
 your party).

 You also need MP and HP absorb and the MIME command.  Make sure you do
 NOT have the w-item, w-magic, and w-summon materias.  Give everyone HP
 pluses untill it reaches 9,999 HP. Then do the same with the MP pluses
 until it reaches 999.  Equip Cloud with the Ultima Weapon and give him
 the following materia.

 Combine the Nights Of The Round with the  MP  absorb. Give him Phoenix
 with Final Attack. Give him mime with  HP  absorb.  Make sure that you
 only eqip these matiera on the  Ultima Weapon  if their mastered. Give
 him shield and enemy skill.  Give your other  party  members the other
 enemy skills. Make sure Cloud has an  accessory  that will protect him
 from Frog and Small.

 Before you fight Ruby, get into a  battle  and have  Cloud  kill  your
 other party members.  Now go after Ruby.  Start off by using shield on
 Cloud. Do NOT have Cloud bring the rest back to life.

 Now have Cloud use Knights of the Round  and just keep miming it until
 the  Ruby  Weapon  kills  you. When  you come back to life, repeat the
 process until you've won.

 NOTE: No matter what, do not use any  limit  breaks or regular attacks
 on Ruby. If Cloud becomes a toad, use white wind to heal him.

Beta Materia:

 When you first go to the Chocobo  ranch you have to catch a chocobo to
 avoid the Midgarsorm.  Well, I  figured  out a way to get the powerful
 Beta spell before the second disc. You need the Enemy skill materia, a
 Fire materia, and any elemental  materia  equipped on one person. MAKE

 If you keep this character  healed  until  Midgarsorm  casts  Beta you
 SHOULD be able to survive the spell. Then just finish him off. This is
 tricky to pull off but if done correctly you will be set for a LONG

Cait Sidhe's Level 3 Limit Break - Japanese:

 Cait Sith has a level 3 limit break which will kill all enemies in one
 hit. This is tested and proven in the  Japanese  FFVII. To get it, you
 must use Cait Sith to kill  954  enemies.  The Level 3 limit should be
 highlighted, but there will be no name.  For  activation, it will take
 about 36 times your HP damage.

 It  will  look  like  an  error, because it is, but when activated, an
 error message will appear and the battle will continue as if the enemy
 was killed in one hit.

Cast Any Spell Three Times:
 To cast three magic spells in one round, first equip someone with a
 Magic Materia + "All" Support Materia. You'll also need Barrier
 Materia with the Reflect spell learned. When you enter battle, cast
 Reflect on the entire party, (your party). Then cast the magic spell
 that was connected to the "All" Materia on YOUR party. Even though you
 casted the spell once, it will be reflected and returned to the enemy
 hitting for three times! And for the same price of the usual MP's.
 What's even better is that if you have W-Magic, you can cast that
 spell twice, or two different spells (both need to be connected to
 "All" Materia) hitting for six times!!!

Chocobo Tricks:

 While  racing  the chocobos, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to  increase  your
 speed. To increase their stamina, hold R1 + R2.

 While  choosing  a  chocobo  to  race, press  L1,  L2,  R1,  R2 or any
 direction to pan, zoom and rotate the chocobo you're viewing.

Curse Ring:

 While in Mideel (before it has been destroyed), go to the weapons shop
 and check the door in the  back (the one that does not open.) Next, go
 to the shop on the hill with the man on the balcony.  Walk  behind him
 along the part of the balcony on the side of the shop until you here a
 rattling sound. Check the spot and you will get a key.  Use the key on
 the door, and it will break  off.  The  owner  will ask what happened.
 Tell the truth and he will give you  the  curse  ring.  If you lie, he
 will not give it to you.  It  raises  all  of your stats, but puts the
 character on death sentance, but this can be countered  with a Phoenix

Defeating Savior Sephiroth:

 For this fight  you will need: Knights of the Round, Zero Bahumut, and
 any other  summons.  Cure  3, Wall, "Mime", DeBarrier, Remedies and at
 least three Megaexlir's.

 Start out by casting Wall on your party, then cast  DeBarrier  to take
 away Sephiroth's wall.  After  this has  been  done  throw  everything
 you've got at him, use  Mime  to cause major damage.  During the fight
 Sephiroth will levitate higher, signaling he's preparing to cast Super

 If you are above 1500  energy you should be alright, watch out for his
 Heartless Angel that will not  kill you, but bring your health down to
 1. Then use Megaexlirs.  Keep up the endurance and Sephiroth shouldn't
 be to hard to beat.

Easy AP:

 Go to the forest outside of Meedeel.
 Walk around until you fight Head
 Hunters or Caterpillers. Equip Cloud
 with an Apocalipse sword and
 everyone with a Rune Armlet. If you
 fight a group of 4 Head Hunters you
 get 340 AP. Caterpillers and a group
 of 3 Head Hunters give you 240 AP.
 Equip as many 'ALL' and 'MAGIC
 PLUS' materia a possible in the
 sword and Rune Armlet. When
 mastered they are worth 1.4 million gil
Easy Accessories:

 Here's a way to get two very helpful accessories.

 Ribbon: To get a ribbon you must go into the crater and walk around
 until You fight a Master Tonberry. Attack him a few times and then
 morph him. He will turn into a Ribbon.

 Tetra-Elemental: There is a small
 desert island in the south under the
                                          Western Continent. Land there with
                                          the Highwind or with a gold chocobo.
                                          Walk on the sand until you fight a small
                                          cactus man. Morph him a eh becomes
                                          a Tetra-Elemental. Note: I have had
                                          the best luck morphing with Yuffie
                                          simply because see deals 9999 HP
                                          damage each time. It may be a
                                          different case for you but Yuffie is
                                          usually the best morpher. 
                                          Submitted by Ray Hart

                                          Easy Life 
                                          With this code, you can easily restore
                                          life while in battle without having to
                                          worry about anything happening. Enter
                                          a battle, and when your characters'
                                          health gets low, cast regenerate on
                                          him/her/them. Once the spell has been
                                          cast, open the PlayStation lid and have
                                          someone cast a spell.

                                          FOR THIS TRICK TO WORK THE LID
                                          ON THE PLAYSTATION MUST BE
                                          OPEN BEFORE YOU CAST THE
                                          SECOND SPELL!

                                          With the lid open, the game won't be
                                          able to cast the spell, so the game will
                                          stop until you close the PlayStation lid.
                                          Once the lid is closed, the game will
                                          function corectly and you can resume
                                          play. The trick to this code is that while
                                          the game is looking for the CD, the
                                          regenerate spell will still be working,
                                          so your life will fill up while nothing else
                                          happens! This code works great for
                                          some of the ultra tough bosses
                                          (Emerald and Diamond Weapon)
                                          because nothing else will happen
                                          while the lid is up. 
                                          Submitted by Doug Moushey

                                          Easy Money 
                                          If you want virtually unlimited money,
                                          here is a wonderful trick. As soon as
                                          you have mastered an "All" mateira,
                                          remove it and replace it with the new
                                          born one and sell the old one. This
                                          may seem like kind of a harsh
                                          comprimise, but each mastered "All"
                                          is 1.4 million gils! and scince they are
                                          so easy to master you will keep geting
                                          more and will never miss them. Sell
                                          one or two and you will never run out of
                                          money ever again! 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Easy Money, AP and Experience 
                                          Go to the desert outside of the golden
                                          saucer and walk around for a while.
                                          Sooner or later a little cactus man will
                                          appear. You can't beat him with magic
                                          or weapons, but he can be defeated
                                          by summoning Chocobos or Mogs. If
                                          you manage to kill him he's worth
                                          10,000 gil!

                                          For better results, head for the Mideel
                                          Area (an island in the south) and look
                                          for Sea Worms. Each one you defeat
                                          is worth 1300 EXP, 200 AP and 5000
                                          Submitted by Beast (

                                          Effortless GP Gain 
                                          To do this trick, you need a joystick
                                          controller with rapid-fire settings and
                                          access to the Gold Saucer.

                                          Go to Wonder Square, and up to the
                                          arm-wrestling game. Wrap a
                                          rubberband around your joystick so
                                          that it's pulled to the upper left
                                          diagonal, so that Cloud continuously
                                          walks into the arm-wrestling machine
                                          but not into the GP-trading girl. Now,
                                          turn on the rapid-fire for the 'O' button.
                                          Cloud will now repeatedly challenge
                                          and beat the wrestling game. Slowly
                                          but surely, your GP will increase. It
                                          takes a while, so it's probably best to
                                          set this up just before you go to bed at
                                          night, and leave it on while you sleep.
                                          By morning, you should have plenty of
                                          GP to buy your Gold Pass and the two
                                          secret Materia: XP-Plus and Gil-Plus.
                                          Submitted by Felicia the Cat-Woman

                                          Emerald Weapon 
                                          Having trouble beating Emerald
                                          Weapon? Just equip at least two of
                                          your party members with the mime
                                          command and have the other member
                                          equipped with the Knights of the
                                          Round summon as well as the
                                          W-Summon materia. Cast Knights of
                                          the Round twice and have the other
                                          two members of your party mime the

                                          When the rotation comes back around
                                          to the person without the mime
                                          command, DON'T ATTACK! Wait for
                                          one of the members with the mime
                                          command to come up again and have
                                          them use mime again. You can keep
                                          alternating back and forth between the
                                          two until Emerald Weapon is dead. 

                                          Also be sure to have one of your
                                          members equipped with the Final
                                          Attack + Revive materia combination.
                                          Emerald Weapon has 1,000,000 hit
                                          points, I've counted, and when it
                                          begins to run low it uses it special
                                          attack which takes off 9,999 from your
                                          entire party. 

                                          Note: if all three of your members
                                          have the mime command the fight is
                                          much easier. 
                                          Submitted by Terra Jo M. B. McGrail
                                          and Jeremy Taylor

                                          Fast Materia Level-Ups 
                                          This cheat can only be done in the
                                          third disc. First, go to the Northern
                                          cave and look for mole like creatures
                                          with a star above thier heads, also
                                          holding a knife and a lantern. Steal an
                                          elixir from them and then run away.
                                          After that, look for these small
                                          creatures in a floating pot. They will
                                          say "Gimme' an elixer". Give them
                                          one. Then kill it. Each one killed will
                                          give you 1,000 AP. You can not kill
                                          them unless you give them an elixer. 
                                          Submitted by TAKER 3:16

                                          Gain Limit Breaks Easily 
                                          When in normal status use a "Hyper."
                                          This will let your limit meter go up
                                          faster, so you can use your old
                                          techniques more. The reason for this
                                          is that one way to get your limit breaks
                                          gained is to use your old techniques.

                                          WARNING: When you use the
                                          "Hyper," your status changes to
                                          "Fury," which will lessen your hit rate.

                                          Another way to gain your limit breaks
                                          is to defeat large groups of enemies.
                                          Try this: When leaving the Nibel
                                          Mountains and heading for Rocket
                                          Town, you should see a group of
                                          forests when you leave the mountains.
                                          Try engaging combat there, because
                                          sometimes you fight large groups of
                                          enemies there. Such as a group of six
                                          "Battery Caps," or sometimes five
                                          "Battery Caps" and one "Valron." This
                                          might help in getting your limit
                                          techniques also. 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Huge Materia 
                                          To obtain the Huge Materia in Rocket
                                          Town, press Circle, Square, X, X as
                                          the passcode.

                                          There are four huge Materia that can
                                          reproduce other materias if you can
                                          pass the requirements. 

                                          Blue - You must have Buhamut and
                                          Buhamut Neo. Take these to Cosmo
                                          Canyon and talk to the Blue Huge
                                          Materia and you will recieve Bahamut

                                          Yellow - Have all 13 commond
                                          materia at master level and then talk
                                          to the yellow huge Materia to recieve
                                          the Master Command materia. 

                                          Red- Must have all 16 summoning
                                          materia at master level then talk to the
                                          red huge materia to recieve the
                                          Master Summoning materia. 

                                          Green - Have all 21 magic materia at
                                          master level then talk to the green
                                          huge huge materia and you will
                                          recieve the Master Magic materia. 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Item Duplication 
                                          If you have the W-Item Materia, equip
                                          it and enter battle. Use the W-Item
                                          command and select your first item
                                          you want to use with the Circle button.
                                          Then choose your second item but do
                                          not use it. Select it so that cursors
                                          appear on the screen (either on you
                                          allies or your enemies) then cancel
                                          with the X button. Select again and
                                          make the cursor appear then cancel.
                                          Repeat the selecting and canceling of
                                          the second item over and over. Each
                                          time you do this the quantity of the first
                                          item will increase by 1. 
                                          Submitted by Joe Marts

                                          Kalm Traveller 
                                          There is a man in Kalm who will ask
                                          you to find three items for him. To find
                                          the item he asks for, go to the Cannon
                                          town aquarium and walk around in it
                                          until you fight a ghost ship. Morph it a
                                          few times to get one of the items.
                                          Return it to Kalm and you will recieve
                                          the Underwater materia. Equip that
                                          then go cruise around in your sub until
                                          you find the Emerald wepeon. Kill it
                                          and return to Kalm for three master
                                          magic materias. Then take the air ship
                                          over to the Golden saucer desert and
                                          fly into the little red man walking in the
                                          desert. You will fight Ruby, kill it and
                                          return the item to Kalm for a golden
                                          Submitted by

                                          Knights of the Round Table 
                                          Ride the Golden Chocobo to the
                                          North-Eastern part of the map. There
                                          you'll find a hidden island with a cave.
                                          Enter the cave and talk to the red light
                                          to receive the "Nights of the Round
                                          Table" spell. 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Limit Break Manuals 
                                          To learn Level 4 limit breaks you'll
                                          need to find the manuals. Here's how
                                          to find them. 

                                          Cloud: Trade 32,000 battle points at
                                          the Golden Saucer. 

                                          Tifa: Go to Nibel area (Tifa's house)
                                          and play these piano notes: X,
                                          Square, Triangle, L1/R1 + Triangle,
                                          L1/R1 + Square, X, Square, Triangle,
                                          L1/R1 + X, O, X, Square, X. Then
                                          press START and search the music
                                          sheet to find Tifa's Limit break. 

                                          Barret: A lady will give it to you in
                                          North Coral. 

                                          Aeris: Southeast of Midgar there is a
                                          small cave with a man living there.
                                          Talk to him when you have battled a
                                          certain number of battles that end in
                                          the same number, such as 122, 133,
                                          144. He will then give you a Mithril orb.
                                          Take the Mithril to the Blacksmith's
                                          house on the south peninsula near
                                          Cosmo Canyon. He will trade you for
                                          the limit break manual for the Mithril,
                                          or you can choose to have a gold

                                          Red XIII: In the Nibel area there is a
                                          mansion and on the second floor of
                                          this mansion there is a safe. To crack
                                          this code turn right 36, left 10, right 59,
                                          and right 97. Then the safe will open to
                                          reveal a miniboss.Kill the miniboss
                                          and you will recieve Red VIII's Manual. 

                                          Vincent: Land near the waterfall and
                                          use the green, black, gold chocobo or
                                          the submarine to pass the mountain.
                                          Then enter the waterfall. (You must
                                          have Vincent in your group and must
                                          be done first in disc 2) go forward and
                                          it will show Vincent's past. Then leave.
                                          Return if you are already in disc three
                                          and you'll get not only the manual but a
                                          weapon of Vincent. 

                                          Cid: Cid's manual is in one of the
                                          chests in the sunken plane. 

                                          Yuffie: Go to Wutai and enter the
                                          tower with yuffie and let yuffie beat all
                                          the bosses including her father and
                                          you'll get a manual and Leviathan
                                          Submitted by
                                 and Renato
                                          Vergel de Dios

                                          Morph Enemies Easily 
                                          For an easy way to morph enemies,
                                          have W-Magic Materia, Gravity
                                          Materia + "All" Materia, and Morph
                                          Materia. Have someone else cast
                                          Reflect on the party, then have the
                                          person with W-Magic use Demi 3 on
                                          your party twice. It will reflect and hit
                                          the enemy six times without killing it,
                                          but will greatly reduce it's HP's. At this
                                          point, you can easily morph it. 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Prevent Back Attacks 
                                          If your battle starts with a "Back
                                          Attack" hold L1 and R1 for a moment
                                          then release them. This will turn you
                                          around before your opponents get a
                                          Submitted by

                                          Quad Magic Without a Chocobo 
                                          Use High Wind to go to Mideel. Go
                                          north, and you should find a little cliff
                                          (looks more like a staircase). On the
                                          edge, get on the higher side of the cliff
                                          and press X to go down, also
                                          pressing the square button and left.
                                          After a few tries, the high wind will stay
                                          on the cliff but the character will be on
                                          the lower side. Now you can walk to
                                          the materia cave on land, without a
                                          special chocobo. 
                                          Submitted by Hiro Kanno

                                          Racing Trophy 
                                          When racing S-class in the Gold
                                          Saucer, You will notice many keen
                                          items you can't ever seem to get. Well
                                          you can get them all at once! Just win
                                          15-20 races in a row! Ester will say
                                          "I've never seen anyone win so much
                                          in S-class before!" She will then give
                                          you one of each item, including the
                                          coveted Cat's Bell! this trick only
                                          works once, though. 
                                          Submitted by Dave Shabet

                                          Re-enter Midgar 
                                          It is possible to get back into Midgar
                                          after you have left (not including by
                                          parachute.) On disc 3, go back to
                                          Midgar and talk to the man standing
                                          outside the fence. He says he has
                                          misplaced his key and that it is
                                          probably back at the dig site he just

                                          To find the key, go to Bone Village
                                          and tell the foreman you want to look
                                          for Normal Treasure. Place some of
                                          the workers up top in front of the tent
                                          and set off the blast. They will point to
                                          a spot on the ground, so have them
                                          dig there overnight.

                                          In the morning open the treasure chest
                                          and you should have the Key to the
                                          Sector 5 Slums. Now go back to
                                          Midgar and go through the gate. Go
                                          back to Wall Market and go to the
                                          shop where the item machine was
                                          broken before (the one that shot at
                                          you), and try to use it now. You will
                                          recieve Tifa's ultimate weapon. 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Recover Missing Items 
                                          Did you miss something important?
                                          Fear not. Once you get to disc 3 you
                                          can recover anything by excavating for
                                          it in the Bone Village. 
                                          Submitted by Ian Moon

                                          Recruit Vincent 
                                          In the Shinra mansion at Nibbhiem,
                                          there is a safe on the top floor. The
                                          combination is: Right to 36, Left to 10,
                                          Right to 59 then Right to 97. Make
                                          sure you don't go to far left or to far
                                          right when turning. When it opens kill
                                          the monster, then get the stuff in the
                                          safe. Descent the spiral staircase and
                                          into the coffin room. Vincent is in one
                                          of the coffins. Talk to him and leave
                                          then come back and talk to him and
                                          he will join you. 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Recruit Yufie 
                                          Near the exploded Mako site there is
                                          a small forest. Wonder around in it
                                          until you fight a ninja woman. After you
                                          defeat her there will be a save point.
                                          DO NOT USE THIS or she will run
                                          away. Talk to her and tell her you don't
                                          want to fight her again. Then tell her
                                          your terrified of her. When she asks if
                                          you need her help, say "Yes" then tell
                                          her that you're leaving and don't ask
                                          for her name.

                                          Alternatively, try this. Equip the Enemy
                                          Away Materia which can be won in the
                                          Gold Saucer Chocobo Racing and a
                                          Luck Plus Materia. Go into any forests
                                          and wait for a while. Note that the
                                          Enemy Away Materia must be at
                                          Master Level for a higher percentage
                                          of chances to encounter Yuffie. 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Red Submarine 
                                          The first time you pilot a submarine,
                                          lose the battle and you will wind up on
                                          the shore neer Cannon town. Head
                                          back into Cannon town and ride the
                                          elevator back inside the main
                                          complex. Make a left turn and go back
                                          to the sub docking area where you
                                          were before the sub battle. Two
                                          gaurds and a dog are blocking the
                                          pathway, kill the gaurds and talk to the
                                          dog. Follow it and you will find the Red
                                          Submitted by

                                          Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select +
                                          Start to reset the game. 
                                          Submitted by Kyle Leeson

                                          Sense Tip 
                                          After using the SENSE materia on an
                                          opponent, press SELECT after the
                                          sensing is done. A little bar will
                                          appear above your party's status bars.
                                          If you choose to attack that opponent,
                                          it will show it's name, and HP
                                          remaining. Now you don't have to
                                          keep sensing bosses to see how
                                          much longer 'till their dead. 
                                          Submitted by TAKER 3:16

                                          Special Battle 
                                          To get to the URA battle (special
                                          battle) in the Battle Arena, first gain
                                          64000 battle points and buy the
                                          W-Summon materia. Next get 32,000
                                          battle points and buy Cloud's level 4
                                          limit, Omnislash. Equip Omnislash
                                          and talk to the lady at the counter in
                                          the battle arena, and she will ask you if
                                          you want to participate in a special
                                          battle. Beat all 8 enemies and get the
                                          Final attack materia.

                                          Note: You must have your Ultimate
                                          Weapon equiped to fight in the
                                          special battle. 
                                          Submitted by
                                , Colin
                                          Humber and Jerrad Olszen

                                          Time Attack Contest 
                                          At the golden saucers wonder square
                                          there is a snowboard game. If you get
                                          a good rating on the beginner, expert
                                          and crazy course the next time you
                                          play there you will see a yellow
                                          balloon. Grab it and you will enter time
                                          attack mode. In this mode there are no
                                          balloons or obstacles and you go
                                          extremely fast. 
                                          Submitted by Yoda

                                          Turtle Paridise Flyers 
                                          There are several flyers for Turtle
                                          Paradise hidden in this game. #1 is in
                                          Midgar by Aeris's house, #2 is in the
                                          Shinra building, #3 Ghost Square, #4
                                          Cosmo Canyon, #5 Cosmo Canyon
                                          Hotel, #6 Yuffie's house. When you
                                          have all those fliers go to the
                                          southwest corner of Utai. Enter the
                                          restaurant and you will receive several
                                          orbs and elixirs. 
                                          Submitted by

                                          Underwater Plane Crash 
                                          If you wander around in the submarine
                                          you'll eventually find a downed plane.
                                          Ram it with your sub to board it. Inside
                                          you'll find powerful Materia, items,
                                          weapons, and a lot of Turks and
                                          Submitted by

                                          Unlimited Sources 
                                          To get unlimited Sources (luck source,
                                          magic source, etc.) perform the
                                          following actions. Get in the
                                          submarine and go to the downed
                                          plane. Wander around until you get
                                          into a battle and use the morph
                                          command on the enemies. The best
                                          way to do this is attack the enemies
                                          until they are almost dead and then
                                          use morph. In this area there are six
                                          different enemies and each one
                                          morphs into one of the six sources. 
                                          Submitted by PauloMI@AOL.COM

                                          Virtual Immortality 
                                          Connect the Phoenix Summon and
                                          Final Attack materia in any linked slot.
                                          When your party dies, there Hitpoints
                                          will be completely restored. This
                                          makes killing Ruby, Emerald, and
                                          Sephiroth simple, just make sure you
                                          have enough Mindpoints to use the
                                          Phoenix Summon.

                                          For more punch, add a Final
                                          Attack/Knight oo the Round Table to
                                          the same weapon. Then when you die
                                          you'll resurrect and hit back HARD.

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