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Final Fantasy IX

Black Jack mini-game (Japanese version):
At the end of the game where the "The End" screen appears, press 
R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, 
L1, Square, Square. You will hear a sound when entered correctly. 
Press Start to start playing the game. 

4 Ways to Get the Robe Of Lords:
First way to get it is to play the Chocobo's Hot and Cold game and 
earn 10,000 points and redeem the points for Robe Of Lords by 
talking to the Mene the moogle 

The second way is to go through the Stellazzio: Zodiac Coins 
sidequest. Give the 12th coin to Queen Stella and you will recieve 
a Robe Of Lords as your reward 

The third way is to beat Hades and gain access to the Legendary 
Synthesis Shop. You must have a White Robe, a Black Robe and 
30,000 Gil to get a Robe Of Lords. 

The fourth way is to steal using Zidane. Bosses like Ozma and 
Hades carry a Robe Of Lords. Equip Zidane's Master Thief ability, 
which can be learned from using Thief Gloves (which can be bought 
in Treno's Auction House) and Bandit ability, which could be learn 
from Mythril Dagger. Equip the N-Kai Armlet to ensure that Zidane 
has a good chance of stealing successfully. 

FF9's 2nd Ending:
Complete the Zodiac Coin Side Quest and keep Shina's hammer. Do not 
use the Hammer in the Legendary Combo Shop. Keep it in your 
inventory and finish the game. You'll get an additional scene 
involving Baku. 

Getting Excalibur:
Just buy the Magic Finger from the Treno auction and give it to the 
old man in the Dargeleo Library. Sell the rare items you bought from 
the auction to the people of Treno. 

Getting Excalibur 2:
Get to the final area and beat hades under 12 hours. After that, 
search the right pillar in the Memory Room. 

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