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Felony 11-79

Hidden Cars:
To get the hidden vehicle, satisfy the conditions below:

 PCS: Clear the First Stage within four minutes.
 GTI: Clear the Second Stage within four minutes.
 DBL: Clear the Third Stage within four minutes.
 VPR: Destroy more than $1 million in the First Stage within 300 seconds
      of the start.
 ELS: Destroy more than  $2.5  million in the  Second  Stage  within 270
      seconds of the start.
 360: Destroy more than  $2.5  million  in the Third  Stage  within time
      limit after hitting a telephone booth.
 GTK: Drive at over  180 km/hour at the second  speed  checker and still
      clear the mission.
 F1:  Clear the First Mission without damaging any objects.
 PLC: Clear the Second Stage without any destruction.
 TNK: Clear the Third Stage without any destruction.

All Cars:

 Enter this code with Controller Two.

 At the title screen, hold  TRIANGLE, then hold R1+L2+R2. Release them,
 then press R2+L2+R1. If you entered it correctly, a horn will sound.
Subway Shortcut:

 When you get to the maze part in Paris you should be able to go either
 right or left. First you want to go left then you should reach another
 fork and go left there too.  Then you  should  reach a white gate.  Go
 down the ramp and then turn into the subway to save a LOT of time.

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