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Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown

Healing Springs:

To slowly restore your health, shoot any water object, like a water
fountain, or fire hydrant, and stand in the water. While standing in the
water, hold the action button and your health will slowly be revived. 

Hidden Items:

In LA Meltdown, turn on the projector, then fire an RPG at the movie
screen. Enter the hole you created and you'll find two shotgun
cartridges and a jetpack.

On the stadium level, look up and you'll see a blimp that says "Duf
Beer." If you shoot it with your missile launcher, it will explode and
lots of ammo, health packs, and other helpful items will fall onto the

Hollywood Holocaust Secrets:

Here are 11 of the 13 secrets in Level 0 (Hollywood Haulocaust):   

   1.After you fall down the vent, go to the crashed car. Next jump on
   the box and onto the ledge. Try to go through each window. When you
   go through one, go against the wall in the room (not the one with
   the security). Try to open a door. The secret has Vitamin X.   

   2.Go to the Cinema sign and turn on your jetpack. Try to fly through
   each window. The secret has a dancing woman, Grenade Launcher,
   Shotgun, Pipe Bombs and SMG's (Sub-Machine Guns).   

   3.In the place where you enter the Theater, turn on your jetpack and
   fly as HIGH as you can. There will be 2 guns shooting at you. Keep
   flying until you enter a room in the wall. This secret has a jetpack
   and 2 boxes of shot gun shells.   

   4.Enter the theater. There is to openings leading to the same room.
   In that room there is a cash register. Go up to it and push the
   Action Button ("A" by default). You should see an opening in the wall
   to the top-right of you. This secret holds Armor.   

   5.In that secret ther are 2 switches. While facing the armor, turn
   LEFT. Activate that switch. Go back on floor and you should see a new
   room. This secret holds a fire extinguisher that you can blow up and
   an atomic health.   

   6.Go in the bathroom.There are 2 ledges, each above a toilet. The
   right ledge holds a Portable Medical Kit and the Left Ledge Holds a
   ventilation shaft.   

   7.In the ventilation shaft there is a corner. Face the corner and you
   should see a crack. Shoot it with the Grenade Launcher. The secret
   holds a HoloDuke.   

   8.Continue up the shaft. Break the ventilation door. You see a babe,
   1 box of shotgun shells and it counts as a secret!   

   9.When you exit secret #7, go down the stairs. Before you open the
   door, try to open a door in the wall behind you. This secret holds a
   Large Med. Kit.   

  10.NOW go through the door. You should be in the room with the cash
  register. Turn LEFT and you should see a trash can and an elevator.
  Jump on the trash can, face the corner and press open. This secret
  holds Nightvision, Pipe Bombs and a Large Med. Kit.   

  11.This secret is the last one I can find. In the room where you turn
  on the projector,jump on top of it. A door should open containing a
  Grenade Launcher.
How Do You Spell Relief?

When in a bathroom, walk up to a toilet and press TRIANGLE. Duke will go
to the bathroom and his power will go up 10 points. 

Level One Secrets:

1. Go up to the room where you turn on the projector.  Open the curtains
and jump on top of the projector.  A room will open and there is a bad
guy and a Rpg.  Take the rpg and shoot it at the crack, right under the
girl's stomach.  A hole will open and u can go inside.

2.  Also in the projector room press the button t open doors on the wall
next to the fire extinguisher.  It will open and you can look around and
see what's inside.

3.  Go back downstairs where there is a cash register behind a bar.
Click on the cash register and you SHOULD see a door open off to your
right.  There are two ways to get it, either use your jetpack to fly up
or search around for a little narrow elevator to take you up.

4.  Go back outside to the innocent? sign and jump on the box.  If you
jump staright, you should land on a ledge.  Keep trying to jump through
the windows and on the third or fourth one you can go inside a room.

5.  Also in the room there is a poster that says attack of the bleached
blond biker bibmbos.  open it and there's another secret.

6.  Outside by the cinema sign turn on your jetpack and fly up to the
glowing red sign.  There is a row of black windows. try going through
each one until u fall into a room.

7.  This doesn't count as a secret but when you walk to the area where
you beat the level, turn on your jetpack and fly up as high as you can. 
There will be two guns shooting at you.  One gun is in a small room and
in the room is a jetpack and bullets. 

Multiple Pipebombs:

To throw multiple pipebombs, throw a pipebomb, then hit CIRCLE and throw
another. Lather, rinse and repeat for up to 9 pipebombs at once. 

Secret Levels:

Here you are, access to Every Secret level that we know about. 

Episode 1
To get to the Launch Facility you must go to the last lighted area
before the exit in the Toxic Dump level, you will see a cracked wall
that hides the secret level exit. 

Episode 2
In Occupied Territory when you are half way accross the bridge to the
exit, turn and look back at the control booth. There is a switch high
up on the column to the right of the booth. Shoot the switch to open
the secret area left of the bridge when you face the control booth. 

Secret Level 2
In the Dark Side,well on the other side of the obelisk, there is a
cracked wall. Inside is a passage to the Lunatic Fringe secret level. 

Episode 3
In the Movie Set next to the yellow key card and a sattelite there is
a USA sign. Push the sign to access the secret level Tier Drops. 

Secret Level 2
In Hotel Hell there is a waterfall that hides a teleporter. Get in
the telaporter and blow away the flaming pots to get to Freeway. 

Turbo Kick Mode 
To get Turbo Kick mode hold L1, L2, R1, R2, hold all these buttons
while clicking Square. And you can do this while having a gun in you

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