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Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Alternate Path: Purple Gem:

In level 9 Tomb Time, there is a way to access the Purple Gem path
without having the Purple Gem! Towards the end of the level, the last
creature you kill is the snake. After you kill the snake, turn left,
and you can see a platform. Instead of going ahead, hitting the
exclamation point and finishing the level, do a slide jump to that
platform. If you jump perfectly you'll land. Do another one to the next
platform. (HINT : It's a lot easier to do when you get the Double Jump
power by defeating the 2nd boss, Dingo Dile. Then you can do a Double
Slide Jump, and it's easy) But once you do the two slide jumps, you're
at the end of the Purple Gem path! On the path there is a clear gem you
can grab. And to get the gem for smashing all of the boxes, go through
the Purple Gem path backwards, smash all of the boxes, then come back
around the regular path, and grab a second clear gem at the end of the

Apples from Monkeys:

When you are playing a level that has the rock throwing monkeys, after
you have destroyed the vases that they occupy you can jump on the
cowarding monkeys and get free apples.  

Beat Dingodile:

To beat Dingodile you must avoid the lasers he fires at you.when he is
firing he is slowly destroying his shield of crystals.When their is a
big enough gap to hit him run up(dont do this when he fires at you!)and
hit him with a spin attack.When you do this run away because his little
pack explodes!!Do this three times to defeat Dingodile. 

Beat Dr.N Tropy:

To beat this boss avoid the balls and beams of energy he sends at you.
Eventually he will tire out and make little platforms next to his. When
you're on his platform hit him with a spin attack. Repeat this three
times to beat him. 

Beat Neo Cortex:

To beat Neo Cortex at the end of the game, you must wait until he throws
his exploding mines.  After they explode, immediately attack Cortex and
knock him him into the sewer.  Do this three times to defeat him.

Watch out, however, for your friend Aku Aku and Cortex's boss Uka Uka
are battling in the room with you. If you touch them or the lasers they
shoot at each other, you will die. Be careful, each time you hit Cortex,
it becomes tougher to dodge Aku Aku and Uka Uka. 

Beat Tiny:

Tiny will send out some lions but if you stick to the bottom of the
screen they're easy to avoid. When he trys to kill you with his trident
dodge him and when it gets stuck spin attack him. Repeat this three
times to beat him. 

Bonus Levels (26-30):

To get to the Bonus Levels you must aquire 5 relics, which you get by
beating the time trails. For each level you must have a certain number
of relics to enter (increments of 5). 

Crash Dash:

Here's a tip, before you try to beat the levels in Time Trial, wait until
you beat Cortex the first time, the super power he gives you is "Crash
Dash" which enables you to run faster which will help you get Gold Relics
instead of Sapphire ones in the time trials.

Easy Motorcycle Time Trials:

On the levels where Crash rides the motorcycle, it's easier to beat the
time trial if you wait about a minute before starting so that the other
vehicles don't knock you off the road.  Then, you can hit the clock and
still proceed normally. 

Find the Colored Gems:

Green Gem Level 23 Flaming Passion:
Take the hard path.

Blue Gem Level 20 Tomb Wader:
Take the hard path.

Yellow gem Level 7 Hang'em High:
It shows the yellow gm on this level but you must actually get the secret
warp zone and go into level 27 to aquire it.

Red Gem Level 12 Deep Trouble:
To get the red gem you must go to the end of the level and then you must
hit the ! box at the end. Once you have done this go back down the tube
and to the right tap the TNT box to set it off and then go through to get
the red gem.

Purple Gem Level 13 Hang High:
Get the hard path and take it. 

Hidden Boxes in Tomb Time:

When you reach the dead end with the picture of the light purple gem in
a square border, keep on super bdoy slamming (X and O or R1 buttons) to
break hidden boxes. 

SECRET Secret Levels:

There are two secret levels in the game that I don't think you can access
until you beat the game.

The first: Hot Coco, which can be accessesed through Road Crash.  When
you see the sign that shows an alien head, hit it and you will be
to Hot Coco.

The next: Eggapus Rex, is accessesed by going throught the yellow gem
path on Dino-Mite!  When your running from the triceratops, let youself
be taken by the second pterodactyl.  You will be transported to this
cool level. 

Spyro the Dragon Demo:

At the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right,
Sguare. It also shows the code on page 9 of the instruction manual. 

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