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Cool Boarders 3

Cheat Codes:

At the Tournament screen enter your name as these: 

wonitall -- All tracks 
open_em -- All riders 
bigheads -- Big heads 
showpos -- Director's cut 

NOTE: When you eneter the "Big heads" code you can press L2 to shrink
their heads and R2 to make their heads bigger. 

Fast Eddie:

To earn FAST EDDIE you must complete  the mountain POWDER HILL in frist
place and with 3,400 points of more. 

Game Completion Date:

At the screen that reads one player or split screen press L1, L2, R2, R1.
A screen will pop up the shows the date the game was completed. 

New Boards and Characters:

To get new boards and characters, start a Single Race at Pro level and beat
the record shown at the bottom of the screen (eg. Come in first with 5000

Play as Burg:

To get Burg, unlock every player, every board, and every track. Play single
event, powder hill downhill. Get in first place with more than 3400 points. 

Replay Fun:

During any replay on Cool Boarders 3 hold left on the direction to see it
in slow-motion, or hold down to freeze the picture. 

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