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CART World Series

These  should  be entered as the  driver  name  in the  Create  a Driver

Results:                    Actions:

 3/4 gravity            -->  FEATHER
 1/2 gravity            -->  FLOAT
 twice gravity          -->  STONE
 better gravity         -->  RADBRAD
 no car collisions      -->  BANZAI
 just wheels            -->  WHEELS
 fat wheels             -->  FAT TIRE
 as though you won      -->  WINNER
 invincible             -->  IMMORTAL
 two lap races          -->  GEK
 dual-analog controls   -->  PUSHBUTT
 set grid size          -->  MAXCARS# (substitute number for "#")
 sunset tracks          -->  SUNNYSKY
 night tracks           -->  NIGHTRID
 grid track(s)          -->  EPILEPTI
 space tracks(s)        -->  SPACERID
 hidden paint styles    -->  ROOSTER

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