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Battle Arena Toshinden 3

Access Hidden Characters:

 1.Put the game on level  0 difficulty and play through the entire game
   with  each  character.  When  you've  finished  you'll  have all the
 2.Change the game to level 5 (hard) and beat the game  with  Vermilion
   to add Sho to the character select screen. 
 3.Change the difficulty again to level 6 (very hard) and beat the game
   with Vermilion again to gain Abel. 
 4.Change the difficulty to level 7 (impossible) and beat the game with
   Abel to get Veil. 
 5.Finally, leave the difficulty on level 7 and beat the game with Veil
   to get a little girl named Naru. She has the same moves as Kayin.

 Do not use any continues to get the 4 bosses! 

Camera Trick:

 Go to the Key Configure screen.  Place the cursor on any of the L or R
 buttons. Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.  If done correctly, the controls for
 the L and R buttons will be changed to camera  view  controls. You can
 now  rotate  the view freely, though the  zoom  function  seems  to be

Secret Winning Poses:

 Here are some secret winning poses which are shown only when a certain
 character beats a certain character. 

 Kayin   beats Naru
 Naru    beats Kayin
 Chaos   beats Ellis
 Chaos   beats Duke
 Nagisa  beats Tracy 

Random Character Select:

 At the character-select screen,  simultaneously press and hold L1, L2,
 R2, and R1. Your character will be chosen at random.

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