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WWF SmackDown 2

Unlock Stone Cold:
Start the Season Mode and when you finish BackLash, Stone Cold 
will be available. 

Unlock Shawn Micheals:
Start the Season Mode and when you finish Judgement Day, Shawn 
Micheals will be available. 

Unlock Billy Gun:
Play the Season Mode and when finish King of the Ring, Billy 
Gun will become playable. 

Doing double team moves:
First start a tag team match. During the match, Irish whip your 
opponent to the turnbuckle that is near your partner. Next, go 
to your opponent and and stand right in front of him. Press any 
directional button and grapple. You will tag your partner and do 
a double team move. 

Cage Match Glitch:
In a Cage match, if you get two players and climb the same side 
of the cage at the same time, and both of you mash (X) at the 
top you will both end up outside the ring & the match will 
continue. To get back in the ring just run at it or push (R1) 
when next to the cage. You can do this as many times as you 
want during the match. 

Table match:
There are 2 ways to win the table match, first whip your opponent 
to the table then push circle while holding down key, second whip 
your opponent to the table, climb the turnbuckle and smack 'em 
down (special move on the turnbuckle is not permitted). 

Mean Street Posse:
During season mode the Mean Street Posse will be shown backstage 
making a plan to beat someone up during the event, or will talk 
to Shane McMahon and have a handicap match against someone. Peat 
Gas, Rodeny, and Joey Abs will now be unlocked. 

Boiler Room hidden area:
Go to Basement 1, where there is an arrow leading to the Car Park. 
On the right is a blocked out door. To the right of the blocked 
out door is an iron mesh fence. Irish whip your opponent to the 
iron mesh fence to create a large hole that leads to the Boiler 

Casket match: Opponent in the casket: 
When in a Casket match, either press Circle to Irish Whip or press 
X to beat your opponents into the casket. Once they are in the 
casket they will try to grab onto the side. Press X to use your 
normal attack to knock down and close the casket. 

Dudley Boyz: 3D:
Select a Tag match with the Dudley Boyz and play as D-Von Dudley. 
Throw your opponent into Buh-Buh Ray's corner, then press Up + 
Circle together. Buh-Buh Ray will enter the ring, then you will 
enter the ring and do the 3D. 

Dudley Boyz: Whatzzzzuppp!!! Heatbutt: 
Select a Tag match with the Dudley Boyz and play as Buh-Buh Ray. 
Whip your opponent into D-Von's corner, then press Down + Circle. 
He will tag and do the Whatzzzzuppp!!! Heatbutt: 

The Rock: Rock Bottom though a table:
Throw your opponent onto a table. This works best with an announce 
table. Go to the side closest to your opponent's head and press 
Right + Circle. The Rock will pick up his opponent and give him 
the Rock Bottom 

Two wrestlers on one motorcycle: 
Go to create-a-stable and select your four wrestlers. When the 
game asks about the entrance, set it to "Motorcycle Type 4". 
Choose your two wrestlers. When you enter the ring, two wrestlers 
will be on one motorcycle. 

Play TLC Match without Unlocking it: 
To play a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match, do the following; 
1. Pick "Exhibition".
2. Pick "King of the Ring".
3. Pick "Special Tournament".
4. Pick Jeff Hardy (Does work with other wrestlers)
5. Now, once in a while you may have to play a TLC match as the 
KOTR is for Special Matches and TLC is random. 

Unlock WWF New York - Beginning of December
Unlock Debra - Raw after Royal Rumble 
Unlock Gerald Brisco - Fully Loaded 
Unlock Pat Patterson - Fully Loaded
Unlock TLC Match - After King of the Ring 
Unlock Tornando Tag Team Match - When Hardyz & Dudleyz start 
a feud. Usually happens during the first few months. 

Shower room hidden area: 
If you go into the weight room and irish whip your opponent into 
the right side wall, it will smash open and you will be able to 
enter the shower room. 

Get Brisco and Patterson in Season: 
The Month after Backlash Stone Cold will be walking in 
the back but then get attacked by Brisco and Patterson and later 
in the Card Stone Cold will use the Forklift on Vince's Car then 
another scene will show Vince Having a Go at Brisco and Patterson. 
Then, I think, after that the card A Congratulations screen will 
come up with Brisco and Patterson there. 

Create-A-Wrestler hints: 
You have to play for 5 years in order to unlock everthing in the 
Create-A-Wrestler format. 

To create a male wrestler with 210 points for his attributes, 
choose HEAVY as a base profile and then pick the following 5 
options for personality: 

EX Soldier
The Knight
The Dark Knight
The Iron King
The Warrior 

To create a female wrestler with 210 points for her attributes, 
choose HEAVY as a base profile and then pick the following 5 
options for personality: 

The Holy Mother
The Ice Queen
The Warrior
The Little Princess
EX Soldier 

If you start with LIGHT as a base then you will only get 200 
points for your character. 

How to unlock wrestlers, titantrons, matches, and other stuff:
Play season mode with any wrestler. At every month, there would 
be an event like Backlash, Judgement Day, King Of The Ring and 
so on. Win your match and at the end of the event you would 
unlock your a new wrestler, match, titantron, and stuff for 
creating a wrestler. 

Table matches: 
Wack your opponent up and whip him to the table. Press Circle 
at the table and you would piledrive him through the table. 
Another way is to get onto the turnbuckle or another table and 
jump onto your opponent. 

Ladder matches: 
Wack your opponent up and get the ladder and assemble it in 
the middle of the ring. Climb by pressing Triangle and then 
press Circle to get the belt if you are under it. Pressing 
Circle and a directional button, you would jump in that direction. 

Casket matches: 
Wack your opponent up and whip him to the casket. He will hold on to 
the sides of the casket. Just keep on hitting him. He might escape 
if you have not worn him out. 

Hell in a Cell: 
Whip your opponent to the middle part of any side of the cage and he 
will break a hole in the cage and you can come out. You can climb up 
the cage and do what ever you want. 

Slobber Knocker: 
This is a match where you use your player and try to pin, KO, give up, 
your opponent. They will keep coming until either the time runs out 
or you loose. Your opponents here are much harder to fight and this 
match can be a form of training for you. 

Easy points in Iron Man matches: 
I've found that during Iron Man matches, if you do a finisher or 
something and get a KO on your opponent, if you immediately pin 
them, you should get the three, thus getting 2 points for each KO. 
Definitely helps when trying to win an Iron Man match. 

Unknown U: 
If you play up to September-3 in the second year, you will be able 
to hire the APA into attacking someone. You have the choice of 2 
people. They attack that person, then you fall out with them. Then 
they steal your limo leaving the arena. The following month the 
person who you didn't pick will have a match with you. But before 
you fight, you'll have a 'talk' with him. Then after winning your 
match, you will start a feud with him. If you keep playing, the 
person who you share a feud with will complain about his knee to 
officials backstage and will be unable to play in a match and you 
take his place against a new character 'Unknown U' who you unlock 
plus extra moves, titantrons etc. That also happens much earlier 
in the game with a player called 'Unknown Q' 

Change weapon: 
When you play a "Hardcore" match you start with a weapon, if you 
exit the ring and stand next to the ropes and push R1 while 
holding the weapon, it changes. 

Unknown wrestlers (A-Z): 
There are, by my count, 26 unknown people (unknown A-Z). You come 
across these characters during the season mode. At an event a 
wrestler will be attacked and wont be able to wrestle. One of the 
human controlled characters will then see an unknown person. That 
character will then, later on, have a match with the unknown 
(normally a special match eg. ladder). If you win then you unlock 
either new moves, new create a wrestler parts or both. 

Get Ric Flair's move set: 
Playing a season mode, unlock "Unknown A" (This will happen at 
random)...his moves are perfect for Ric Flair....I came close to 
creating The Nature Boy, but can't quite get the look down (Not, 
the 2 important Characteristics are Chris Benoit+ and Malenko+ if 
you want to create The 4 Horsemen!)

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