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Test Drive 6

Enter AKJGQ as a name. 

All cars:
Enter DFGY as a name. 

All tracks:
Enter ERDRTH or ERERTH as a name. 

All quick race tracks:
Enter CVCVBM as a name. 

No quick race tracks:
Enter OCVCVBM as a name. 

Shorter tracks:
Enter QTFHYF as a name. 

All challenges:
Enter OPIOP as a name. 

No challenges:
Enter OPOIOP as a name. 

Disable checkpoint times:
Enter FFOEMIT as a name. 

Enable checkpoint times again:
Enter NOEMIT as a name. 

Stop The Bomber mode:
Enter RFGTR as a name. Alternately, catch all the speeders on the 
Paris, Rome, New York, Hong Kong and London tracks in cop chase mode. 

Car preview:
Hold L1 + R1 when purchasing a car or selecting one out of your 
garage to use the D-pad to move it in any direction.

Get cars out of the way:
When driving in challenges or other modes in which you race against 
oncoming traffic, beep the horn so the cars move out of the way. 
Note: Beeping the horn may sometimes cause the traffic to run into 

Best car:
The best car is, not surprisingly, the one that sells for $1 million. 
not surprisingly. When fully upgraded, its acceleration will be 
around 0-60 in almost 1 second. For a large speed record, go to Paris. 
After the first two sharp turns, carefully maneuver your car through 
the slight turns ahead to ultimately gain massive speed (up to 270 
mph) before the next sharp turn. 

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