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Madden NFL 2001

Final Madden Card:
Buy all Gold, Silver, And bronze Madden Cards in each set of fourteen. After 
all 296 cards have been obtained, a 297th card (number 000) with the All-Time 
Madden team will be unlocked. You can use the Madden Cards to put players on 
rosters, cheats within the game, use legendary players, and unlock old teams, 
stadiums, or legendary teams.

Always win the coin toss:
Repeatedly Start before text appears on the coin toss screen. 

Always get the ball on kick off:
Turn penalties off. When it is time for you to kick off, select an on sidekick. 
Kick the ball to the left at lowest power. If done correctly, you will fall on 
the ball and get possession. 

Recover onside kicks:
Repeatedly press R1 to recover all onside kicks. 

Touchdown celebrations:
Enter one of the following codes after scoring a touchdown. 

Hip Thrust: Press L1 + Square.
Jump Spike: Press L1 + Circle.
Say a Prayer: Press L1 + Triangle.
Shoulder Shake: Press L1 + R1.
Slam Dunk: Press L1 + R2.
Spike Football: Press L1 + X. 

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