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Dragonball Z: The Great Dragonball Legend

Get 999% in Z Campaign Mode:
At the end of a episode when the Z Ranking screen is shown press 
and hold Select + Triangle + Square + X . Let go of the 4 buttons 
and press Up or Down to change your rank. Put the Z rank at 999% 
to get a special ending 

Special SS Gokou:
To get the super strong Super Saiyan Son Gokou durring the FREEZA 
FIGHT(wich normaly you can't) all you have to do is make Krillen 
and Gokou fighting. You control Krillen. Have krillen lose three 
times(so he is DEAD!) Then after Krillen dies, Gokou will turn 
into specail super saiyan gokou. Specail Super Saiyan Gokou is a 
Super Saiyan Gokou who you can only be in the Freeza fight. He is 
stronger then normal, and has a specail yellow fire power up 
flame. Also this Gokou can do the one attack he can only do here, 
a specail yellow hand kamehameha! Only then can he do the yellow 
full hand kamehameha. 

Get All 35 Characters in VS mode:
To access all 35 characters in VS mode, you have to finish the 
game. Like in DBZ: GT, the characters will appear in VS mode 
right after you finish the game and cannot be saved in a memory 
card. So once you turn it off, the characters are gone and you 
have to finish the game over again.

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