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Dino Crisis 2

Unlimited ammo:
Beat the game after collecting all eleven dino files. You 
will then get the EPS platinum. You will have unlimited 
ammunition the next time you play 

Dino coliseum:
Beat the game to unlock the dino coliseum. There you can 
fight against all the dinosaurs in a coliseum arena. 

Buying characters in the dino coliseum:
The following characters and dinosaurs can be bought 
using Extinct Points: 

Rick - 100,000 pts
Gail - 100,000 pts
Tank - 120,000 pts
Oviraptor - 150,000 pts
Velociraptor - 150,000 pts
Inostrancevia - 160,000 pts
Allosaurus - 180,000 pts
Tyrannosaurus rex - 150,000 pts
Triceratops - 200,000 pts
Compsognathus - 250,000 pts 

Dino Files locations:
VELOCIRAPTOR - Water Tower on the floor 
T-REX - Military Facility/Entrance on the Table 
ALLOSAURUS - Dock/Suspention Bridge on the dead bloke 
COMPY - Reasearch Lounge 
PETERANODON - 3rd Energy Facility/Storage Place in the smashed truck 
MOSASAURUS - 3rd Energy Control Room on the Computer opposite the 
door on the left 
PLESIOSAURUS - Inside Cooling Aqueduct on the floor 
INSTRANCEVIA - City Front/Haul Road on the floor by the dead bloke 
TRICERATOPS - Command Centre/Outer Perimiter on the floor by the 
dead MERC 
OVIRAPTOR - City/Living quaters by the green jeep 
GIGANTOSAURUS - Data Control Room left to where you find the 3rd 
Energy data disk 

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