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Level   Password        Level   Password  

1       RIG_DOCK        16      UNDERGROUND  
2       MEET_GIA        17      PIT_STOP  
3       SKEET_SHOOT     18      ICE_CREAM  
4       BIG_KISS        19      COLD_FEET  
5       GOING_UP        20      DOOR_MAN  
6       ZAPPED          21      LOCKED_OUT  
7       EASY_RIDE       22      SLICEOMATIC  
8       BIG_SHOCK       23      NOT_FRIENDS  
9       OPEN_OCEAN      24      LISTEN_IN  
10      CATWALK         25      GENIUS  
11      ISLAND_RUN      26      RED_LIGHT  
12      STEAL_PLANE     27      DRUGSTORE  
13      VALLEY_RUN      28      UNSAFE_DOOR  
14      ROUGH_RIDE      29      GRAFFITI  
15      PORT_FLYBY      30      YOU_WITH_ME  

Note: The _ character indicates a space. 

Master code:
Enter the NEMROSIM as your name at the beginning of the game.
During the game, press Start to pause and choose "Load" to view the passwords 
for any level and start at that point. The master code will also allow 
difficulty level 1 for to be chosen for both Arcade and Puzzle modes. The 
master code will also allow the game to be uncensored. The is most notable in 
level 22 (SLICEOMATIC). 

Display credits:
Note: The "_" character indicates a space. 
Enter TNRUB_SDC_NOILLIB_A or _REEB_OROPPAS_KNIRD at the terminal password 
screen (where GENIUS is normally entered). The Sony developer's credits will 
be displayed. 

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