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Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos

Level select:
Enter ULDLRLDULRRDRRU as a password. 

Super password:
Enter LLLLDRRLLDRDLUR as a password to start at the final level of hidden 
island 5-B with all secrets. 

Sound test:
Press Select at the "Audio Options" screen. 

Invincible falls:
Pause the game as Croc yells while falling. Press Select and choose the "Quit" 
option. Then, select the "No" option. Press Down at the quit game screen so 
neither the "Continue" or "Quit" options are selected. Press X and restart the 
current level without losing a life. 

Extra lives:
When you run low on lives, return to the first level (And So The Adventure 
Begins). When you start, go to where the bee is located and jump to the 
floating platform furthest from the well with the Gobbo on top. Keep on 
Stomping (or double-jumping) on it until it will not let you jump any more. 
The game will proceed to a secret level with no monsters. Exit by going to the 
stars on the ground, and then finish level 1.

Island  Password  


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