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Cool Boarders

Additional boards:
Win the three ranking to use special boards. There are three special boards in 
each easy, middle, and hard level. 

Special course:
The hardest course becomes available after three special boards are obtained. 

Snow man boarder:
Win the three ranking of the hardest course, then select the alpine special 
board by pressing Up + Triangle + Circle. The greatest boarder, "snow man" 
will be accessible. This status may be saved to the memory card. 

High pitched announcer:
Enter option mode, highlight the "Replay" selection and press Select(55). 
Alternatively, press Select(40) when "Replay" is not highlighted. A sound will 
confirm correct code entry. 

Difficult view:
Win all rankings of all courses to gain another view. 

View load time:
Press Select to view the loading time between the selection and play screens. 

Trick points:
Hold L1 + L2 between the selection screen and play screen. Press L1 or L2 to 
view the trick points when you play boards. 

Trick names:
Hold L1 + L2 between the selection screen and play screen. Hold R1 + R2 on 
controller two to view the name of a trick. 

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