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Chrono Cross

Easy Money:
Play at the roulette table in the Zelbess Casino. As the pointer 
is spinning, pause the game when the pointer is between point 
south and west on the wheel. Finally, hold X and the pointer will 
land on north every time. 

Safe Bet On Roulette Game:
I recommend you practice the Roulette first before you go and blow 
all of you money. Start with small bets and work your way up to 
the bigger amounts of money. At the roulette table in the Zelbess 
Casino you can cause the pointer to land on north every single 
time by following the steps. 

As the pointer is spinning PAUSE the game while the pointer is 
between the South and West positions on the wheel. Now press and 
hold the Action button and the pointer will land on North every 
single time 

Treasure Chest Trick:
Throughout the game, especially in the Viper Manor, there are many 
decoy treasure chest which are actually enemies. When you encounter 
them they tell you, you only have "one chance" to attack the 
correct one to recieve the prize they have. All you have to do to 
ensure yourself the prize is to randomly attack one. If you do not 
choose the right one the first time, just "run away" and repeat. 
You can do this as many times as you want at no cost. Enjoy! 

Easy way to beat Dario:
This is a very easy way to beat Dario and get Serge's most powerful 
weapon. First you have to go battle the Black Dragon and use Fargo 
to steal the armor called the "Black Plate". Next equip the black 
plate on Serge after having beat all of the other dragons except for 
the White Dragon. To be able to fight Dario you have to battle 
Peppor and Solt where Garai once was. After the battle they give 
you an item used to make Dario regain his memory. One you have the 
item (again make sure that you have the Black Plate on serge, and 
Riddle in your party) go to the tiny island to the northeast of the 
big island called the Forbidden Island. Go in the hut and then 
battle Dario. The battle should be semi-easy as all of Dario's magic 
when cast at Serge will heal him. Once the battle is over you should 
receive the Masamune. Side Note: Dario has about 3800 hp. 

How to get the Chrono Cross:
To get the Chrono Cross go to Dragon Falls (Another) and use the two 
blue crystals pieces. Its only purpose is to get you the best ending. 

Get All Characters:
Once you've beaten the game, use new game+ and play through until 
you get the Chrono Cross again. Next, go to Spriggan's home dimension 
using the portal in the Hidora Swamp and use the Chrono Cross as soon 
as you get there. You will get all your characters back from your 
previous saved games. 

How to get the moon glass's:
After getting Glenn into Termina, move him and another party member 
to hermit's hideaway, and there you'll fight Harle. When the battle 
begins, hit her with every white element you have, "X strike" is nice 
here, but the point of the matter is to kill her before she use's 
"Moon Beams", if you do this, you get the Moon Glass's when you defeat 
her. They half all physical damage. 

How to beat Dario w/o any special equipment:
All you have to do is have enough IceBlast elements to equip on every 
slot of each characters element grid, then use whatever attack combo 
you prefer, then use your strongest available IceBlast. This causes 
Dario to use Weaken, which takes up his turn. You can just keep doing 
this until Dario is defeated, without having one HP taken away from 
any of your party members! 

How to get Harle permanently:
To get Harle permanently without losing her... do the following: Beat 
the game three times getting each set of characters (Guile, Nikki and 
Pierre). Don't forget to alternate in saving and not saving Kid. 
Remember to beat the game with Harle in your party. This means you 
have to beat the game before you lose her. The forth time you beat the 
game, use the Chrono Cross and you'll get Harle back permanently! 

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