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Chocobo Racing

Quick start:
Hold Square + Up immediately before the race begins. 

Bahamut class:
Begin game play in grand prix mode and continue until requested to choose 
between Chocobo and Behemoth class. Finish in first place in every stage to 
get the crown for that stage and class. Bahumut class will be unlocked after 
collecting all crowns for both classes (and the Final Fantasy 8 track). 

Mirrored tracks:
Collect all crowns in Bahamut class (including the Final Fantasy 8 track) to 
unlock the mirror mode selection on the options screen. 

Bonus characters:
A bonus character will be unlocked each time story mode is successfully 
completed. Highlight Squall at the character selection screen and press the 
indicated button(s). 

Times completed     Character                   Code 

    3               Cid                         L1 
    4               Mumba (Final Fantasy 8)     L2 
    5               Cloud (Final Fantasy 7)     R1 
    6               Cactuar/Cactrot             R2 
    7               Aya (Parasite Eve)          L1 + L2 
    8               SD-style Chocobo            R1 + R2 
    9               IbenSuper airship           L1 + R1 
    10              Jack                        L2 + R2 

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