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Cheat mode:
Press L2, L1, R1(2), Triangle(2), then hold X to display various cheat options.

Free movement:
Move Casper to the upper left corner of any game location. Hold Up/Left + L1 + 
R1 + Start to pause the game. Release Up/Left + L1, and press Down/Right + 
Triangle while continuing to hold R1+ Start. The game will resume in free 
movement mode. Press R1, then use the D-pad to fly over any wall. Press L1 to 
resume normal game play. 

Faster movement:
Hold Triangle and press X, R1(3) during game play. Note: The inventory screen 
will appear during entry of the code. Press Triangle to resume game play. 

All morphs:
Instead of using the puzzle pieces to get the morphs to finish the game, use 
the following trick. Enable the "Free movement" code. Starting from the main 
hall (with the twisting floor), move up the left staircase. When the next 
section is done loading, press R1 to go over that wall, then go down until a 
room appears. It contains all the morphs, items, and food needed to complete 
the game.

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