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CD Sampler Pack Volume 3.5

Crash Bandicoot information:
Press Square(2), Triangle at the Crash Bandicoot screen. 

King Of Fighters '95 information:
Press Triangle, Circle, Square at the NFL Gameday '97 screen. 

NCAA GameBreaker information:
Press Circle, Triangle, Circle at the NCAA GameBreaker screen. 

Ridge Racer Revolution information:
Press Circle, Triangle, Square at the Ridge Racer Revolution screen. 

Tekken 2 information:
Press Triangle(2), Square at the Tekken 2 screen. 

Twisted Metal 2 information:
Press Square, Circle, Triangle at the Twisted Metal 2 screen. 

View Carnage Heart FMV sequence:
Press Triangle, Square(2), at the Rally Cross screen. 

View Independence Day FMV sequence:
Press Triangle, Circle, Triangle at the Blast Chamber screen. 

View Jumping Flash 2 FMV sequence:
Press Square, Triangle, Circle at the NHL Faceoff '97 screen. 

View Tobal No. 1 FMV sequence:
Press Circle(2), Triangle, at the Jet Moto screen. 

View Motor Toon Grand Prix FMV sequence: 
Press Square, Triangle, Square at the Formula 1 screen. 

View Twisted Metal 2 FMV sequence:
Press Circle, Square, Circle at the 2 Xtreme screen. 

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