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Bust-A-Move: Dance And Rhythm Action

Dance preview:
Complete the game under the easy difficulty level. 

Play as Capoeira:
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level. 

Play as Robo-Z:
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level after Capoeira has been 

Play as Burger Dog:
Complete the game as Hamm under the normal difficulty level after Robo-Z has 
been unlocked. 

Play as Columbo:
Complete the game as Shorty under the normal difficulty level after Robo-Z 
has been unlocked. 

Columbo cameo:
Play as Shorty in two player mode. Go all the way through any combo twice, 
then complete the 0 combo. Columbo should jump out of Shorty's pocket. 

Bonus level:
Successfully complete level 1 with Shorty. Then, press Up, Down, Left, Right, 

Alternate costumes:
Highlight a character, then hold Select and press X. Note: In the Japanese 
version of the game, hold Select and press Circle. 

Level skip:
Complete the game once with any character. Begin game play in single player 
mode and press L2 + Select when a song begins to jump to the next level.

Attack opponent:
Press Triangle to attack an opponent.

Dodge attacks:
Press Square to avoid an attack.

Winning pose close-up:
Hold Circle after winning a stage. 

Performing big combos twice:
It is possible to pull off some big combos and get the really hard long moves 
twice. This can be done when using Shorty. Her little mouse friend will jump 
out of the pouch and start dancing next to her. He will also dance next to 
her in fever mode.

High scoring solos:
Use the following moves when you take turns dancing. 

Heat: Up, Down, Up, Circle
Frida: Up, Down, Up, Circle
Strike: Up(2), Left, Circle
Hamm: Down, Right, Left, Circle
Kelly: Right, Left, Right, Circle 
Shorty: Down(3), Circle
Hiro: Right, Up, Down, Circle
Pinky: Up, Left, Up, Circle
Gas-O: Left, Down, Right, Up, Circle
Kitty N.: Down(2), Right, Circle
Capoeira: Right, Up, Right, X
Robo-Z: Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle
Columbo: See Shorty
Burger Dog: See Hamm 

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