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Brian Lara's Cricket

Super batsman:
Enter SUPERMAN as a password for a super batsman in classic match mode.

Unbreakable stumps:
Enter SOLIDOAK as a password. 

Always win game:
Enter GETBRIBE as a password. 

Helmet view:
Enter CHRISREA as a password. 

World XI mode:
Enter PENSIONS as a password. 

Play with a beach ball:
Enter BIGBALLS as a password. 

Big hands:
Enter BIGHANDS as a password to give your players slightly larger hands. 

Big heads:
Enter BIGHEADS as a password to give your players slightly larger heads. 

Slippery ball:
Enter DROPBALL as a password. 

Beach mode:
Enter SUNSHINE as a password to play on a beach in classic match mode. 

All classic games:
Enter NOWAYEAS as a password.

Match classic mode passwords:
Press Down, X to activate the password option. 

Level   Password  

2       OVERTIME  
3       SAUSAGES  
4       DILLBERT  
5       BATKINGS  
6       PANCAKES  
7       FRIEDEGG  
8       PLACEBO1  
9       CLUELESS  
10      PORRIDGE  

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