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Azure Dreams

Refill life:
Stand in any corner and repeatedly press Triangle + Circle. 

Racetrack cheat:
There are patterns in the race track that determines who wins. Save the 
game at mother's house, then go to the track. Buy ten tickets on any 
selection. Start the race and do not do anything. Find out the outcome of 
the race, reset, and return to the race track. Look at the odds of the 
previous race. Bet 10 tickets on that race. Start the race and do not do 
anything. Since the outcome will be the same, you should be able to pick 
out the winner when you purchased the tickets.

More money:
Use the "Racetrack cheat" to get enough money for a casino. Then, play the 
slots. With careful timing practice, you should be able to stop each reel 
on "7" (jackpot). Watch the reels and count each time the 7 spins past to 
get the correct timing. The "7" appears at fixed intervals. After getting 
the correct timing, bet with the maximum amount of money for each spin to 
quickly build your total.

Hidden items:
A monster named Barong will occasionally be encountered In the tower. Stand 
next to it, and throw an item at it. It will eat the item and spit out a 
completely new one, including special items found nowhere else in the game. 
One such item is a crossbow that can be used by troll monsters. Other 
things that may appear include uncommon items like blue and red sands. If 
you do not want the item that the Barong creates, simply pick it up and 
throw it back at the creature again. This may be done several times before 
the Barong refuses to eat.

Defeat Beldo easily:
Have Kewne present and fight Beldo at level 40, on the top floor. When your 
character's life is about to run out, Kewne will offer your father's sword. 
Use the sword to kill Beldo in about three hits.

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