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Zoo Tycoon

Name cheats:
Rename one of your guests to the following entries to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                          Code 
Blue guests and buildings                       Mr. Blue  
Yellow guests and buildings                     Mr. Blonde  
White guests and buildings                      Mr. White  
Brown guests and buildings                      Mr. Brown  
Orange guests and buildings                     Mr. Orange  
Pink guests and buildings                       Mr. Pink  
White birds attack                              Alfred H  
Fences deteriorate 100%                         Russell C  
Sick guests                                     Zeta Psi  
All scenarios                                   Akiyama  
All animal enrichment research programs         Lou Catanzaro 
All animal care research programs               Adam Levesque  
All animal buildings                            Andrew Binder  
All animal shelters available                   John Wheeler  
All exhibit foliage                             Charlie Peterson  
All staff education research programs           Hank Howie  
All endangered animals research programs        Steve Serafino 

Exhibit cheats:
After the game automatically names an exhibit, rename it to one of
the following entries to get the corresponding animal or effect. 

Effect                                          Name 
Triceratops                                     Cretaceous Corral  
Unicorn                                         Xanadu 
Dodo                                            Doflopnok 
Yeti                                            Kathmandu 
Chance that more guests enter zoo               Wonderland  
Double exhibit donations                        Microsoft  
Double amount paid at attractions               Blue Fang  

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