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Yoda Stories

 Save game before you finish one story, than keep
 load game and finish it again, you will get the
 good stuff faster such as: a better lightsaber,
 the FORCE, Spirit Heart.

 and another one ...

 In the Windows directory, there's a YODESK.INI file.
 Edit this file with the notepad. After that, you can
 modify the following line... 

 "Count="    -->   The number of victory.
 "Hscore="   -->   The best score.
 "LScore="   -->   The latest score.
 "LCount="   -->   The number of party you loose.

 So, you have to change the number who is behind the
 "=" of each of these lines. The most interesting part
 is when you put over 25 point in victory, you get a
 powerful light saber, a pure heart and the Force at
 the beginning of a new adventure.

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