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Worms Armageddon

Home runs:

Find an enemy worm standing fairly close to the edge of the level. 
Use the baseball bat to hit him into the water to get a "home run" 
complete with baseball bat cracking sound, baseball message (like 
"It's Outta Here", or "Bases Loaded"), and organ music.

Cool as ice:

The ice mission near the start is easier than it looks. Collect as 
many crates as possible without using any utilities, then use the 
jet pack to get up to the next section near the guard. Collect all 
the crates there and stand on the polar bear's head. Point the 
flame thrower at a spot just to the left of the guard, and fire. 
You should get through the barrier protecting him, and the flames 
should send him into the water.

Super Sheep Racing:

If you have collected a crate at the very left of the level, and 
the next crate appears at the very right, deliberately crash or 
detonate your current sheep and set off a new one. This will save 

Getting the secret weapons easily:

Create two human-controlled teams. Then, start a normal multi-
player game. Create a long, flat landscape for the game, with no 
objects or bridges. Make sure there is not an indestructible 
border up the top, or none of the explosives that fall from the 
air will be accessible. In the game options, set the probability 
of getting a weapon crate to maximum, and turn the probability 
of getting a health or utility crate off. Turn invincibility on 
(or set the energy of all worms up to 200). Turn mines and 
gasoline cans off. Change the turn time to 90 seconds and the 
round time to 30 minutes. Then, in the weapons options, go to 
the crates section, and turn all crate probability meters to 
nothing, except for one weapon, which you should turn to one 
crate. Also, if you have completed mission 4 in the missions 
section, turn jet-packs to unlimited. Make both teams in the 
game contain eight worms. Start the game and play as both sides. 
At each turn, press [F12] once and "Skip Go". Once there are 
five crates on the landscape, do not "Skip Go". Instead, go and 
collect them all. Use the unlimited jet-packs to get places 
faster. If there is nothing there, then "Skip Go" again. 
Although it may seem very long and tedious, surprisingly it 
moves along quickly. Keep repeating this, until after about 
fifteen crates, one of the secret weapons will appear in a crate. 
Try out all the special weapons, such as the mail strikes, and 
Salvation Army ladies. Press R midway through using each weapon 
to see their effects in slow motion.

Three extra secret weapons:

There are three weapons in the game that are not listed in the 
manual. The first is the Skunk, which is readily available, and 
was included late in the game. The second is the Concrete Donkey, 
which appeared in Worms 2, and falls from the sky, crushing 
everything and everyone in its path. The final weapon is called 
Armageddon. Hide all your worms undercover before it this used, 
as it will make huge fireballs rain from the sky for about 
twenty seconds, destroying about four-fifths of the landscape 
and killing almost everything. 

Quick crates:

Press [Space] when a weapons crate appears to remove its parachute 
and have it fall the rest of the way down. The weapons inside will 
not be damaged.

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