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Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Cheat mode:

Hold [Shift] and type one of the following codes while in flight to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                      Code 

Turret style targeting      goodtarget  
Enable debug mode           shoehorn  
Music select                moretunes  

Debug mode commands:

Enter one of the following codes while in flight after debug mode 
is enabled. 

Effect                      Code 

Toggle collisions           [Ctrl] + C  
Self-destruct               [Ctrl] + K  
Toggle invincibility        [Ctrl] + I  
Destroy targeted ship*      [Ctrl] + [F12]  

* Enter this code when a friendly or enemy ship is targeted to 
  remove its forward shields. Enter this code a second time on an 
  enemy ship to destroy it. Enter this code on a capital ship to 
  destroy sub-targets. The capital ship will explode when the 
  bridge and engines are destroyed. 

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