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Warlords 3

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                   Code 

Burn down all sites                      burn baby burn  
Water turns green                        not easy being green  

All units and production turn into
Tanks                                    just for grant 

Production time of every unit in all
cities set to 1                          hiho hiho 

All units get medal                      purple heart  
Upgrade cities to Citadels +3            king of the castle  
All units turn into dragons              dragon rush  
99 movement for all units                run spot run  
1000 experience for selected hero        there can be only one  
Full map                                 but now i can see  
Remove fog of war                        on a clear day  
20 mana                                  show me the mana  
Conquer all cities                       i am lazy  

Hero stats set to S:9, H:4, L:5,
M:50                                     call me conan  

10,000 money                             if i were a rich man  
Change background music                  name that tune  

Cities not receiving mana now have
1 mana per turn                          lord of the mana 

Unknown                                  free free free  
Unknown                                  target practice  
Unknown                                  learn spell 

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